Applying a multi-texture - including on-screen menu

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so i've tried searching before deciding to post - but i can't seem to clarify the problem. :slight_smile:

i am uploading a chair - and i want to include an on-screen menu - whereas the viewer can swap materials on the sea, back, etc..

how does one go about doing so? i'm using 3ds max, btw.

thanks in advance - and i apologize if this has been addressed already!

added - from this post - it mentions the api viewer and (texture injections??) the api view viewer is specific for web dev only, right? and texture injections? what is this sci-fi madness? :smiley:




Yes, this is possible with the Viewer API. Here are some resources and examples:

There is also a plugin for 3ds Max called OptionsOptions, which allows you to create configurators directly:

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hey james - thanks for all the info :slight_smile: super appreciated!

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ok - this java stuff is absolutely frightening! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

how does acquire the model id number? i see a lot of embed code options - but haven't the faintest idea where and how to paste/use.

thanks in advance!

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one more thing - the extension with .js

javascript, i get that - but how does one go about using/embedding it?

sorry for all the questions - wasn't ready for this java stuff - total noob!