Applying/Creating Textures

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The facts:
I use Solidworks Student Edition 2014-15.
I downloaded the Solidworks-to-Sketchfab Publisher
I cannot figure out how to apply multiple materials to the same single piece of geometry. I am guessing it is an stl, and not differentiating between different components at this point.

I don't know what to use or how to create a single textural mesh (uv mapping for solidworks??)
When I export, I can get basic colors, but not textures on the different I submit. So, is there a way to import textures ahead of time so it just snags those, or somehow dictate the certain geometry to adopt certain imported textures (how do I even choose the geometry if possible) Or how can I make a jpg to apply to the entire model that is easy to edit and saves a lot on time. Should I just limit my options to basic colors?

So sorry I am really on ground zero, I have tried to research my way around it, I am slowly figuring out the jargon, but I hope that someone on here can give me a quick solution while I continue to hack away... Much appreciated, sorry if i am repeating a past topic, again, trying to figure out what I am even asking at this point.

Tank Test Texture by amaioccouw on Sketchfab



Getting materials/textures from SolidWorks is tricky.

The ProtoTech Solutions plugin uses VRML (.WRL), which only supports basic vertex colors and will combine all your meshes together.

As you've mentioned, SW doesn't offer any UV mapping features, so your models need to be unwrapped and re-textured in other software.

Try this workflow:

Another option for exporting OBJ from SW:

I've seen successful mapping of SW models in Blender, Modo, and Maya.