Applying materials to models from Blender


(Jahmaijones123) #1

Hello, I am having some trouble applying textures to a model i exported from Blender.

The model shows as one complete color of the texture. Is this because i have not exported the model with a UV Map applied from Blender ?
I am a beginner so im trying to work this out as i need to texture some models for my portfolio.


(Tiagojdferreira) #2

Hi @jahmaijones123,

Assuming you are using the cycle renderer, you probably need to bake your textures in order to be able to see them in sketchfab:

Feel free to ask any follow up question you might have.

Tiago Ferreira

(Jahmaijones123) #3

Thanks for the response, ok I will give that a try. And follow up to let you know if it worked