AR 3D Model Alignment

Hello, I am looking for an AR solution to be able to place a virtual 3D object, (into real space) and crucially aligned to a real-life counterpart object. So far testing Sketchfab I have seen that 3D objects can be placed onto planes, which is a start, but I am looking for a more robust and reliable way of aligning the ‘virtual’ and ‘real-life’ models together, in a predictable and easily repeatable way. Is such a thing possible?

I’ve seen other apps, such as Augment, using a printed out QR code or tracking sheet for alignment purposes for example, but for some reason these functions have been dropped.



Thanks for your interest. Our AR viewer is very basic at the moment, and we don’t have plans to add new functionality on the short-term.

Can you tell us more about your use case?