AR animation not loading, and invisible objects on an android

Weird issues on this one, the waterfall mesh is there and rendered on desktop but invisible on android. (I played with a few 3D settings and reuploaded a model, but it hasn’t worked yet.)

The animations will not start on AR mode, and there is no button to start them.

The other animated ponds and waterfalls we’ve uploaded work fine except this one, I would like to identify why this is happening to ensure it doesn’t happen, and remove what causes it from our workflow.
This waterfall has one other mesh animated on shape keys on top of it( a piece of plant to sway in the water), this is one difference between this and the other models. That and the animation of the waterfall is only 45 frames, a couple frames shorter than some of the others.

Hi @MaconPonds,

I triggered GLTF archives regeneration on your model and it fixed the issue.

My guess is that the glTF has been built from the model with animation being disabled or hidden. Any change or state on animations in the editor is reported to the glTF export.
In this case, the morph animation tracks hadn’t been exported :slight_smile:

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Interesting… So it works on augmented reality now, but the base mobile version I can’t see the waterfall, but I can see it on desktop and augmented reality on mobile…

I have a similar problem importing USDZs in iOS.