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AR mode not working on iPhone8 with last iOS 11.1.2

(Ima Solutions) #1

AR mode not working on iPhone8 with last iOS 11.1.2. The scene is standing on « detecting surface » and nothing happens then.

(Jsamelak) #2

I experience the same issue on iPhone 6s+, IOS 11.1.2. In my case, “detecting surfaces” changes into “tap to place the model”, but the model doesn’t load...


Sorry about that! We have a fix on the way. ETA tomorrow morning.

(Johndoh) #4

Same problems here with my new Pixel 2 with Oreo 8.0... At first it was working fine but suddenly it stopped working and stay jammed on a load screen and detecting surfaces and tap to place... plz help !

(Ima Solutions) #5

Perfect :+1::+1:


This should be working again now.

(Ima Solutions) #7

I confirm! Working good!!

(Johndoh) #8

It working like a charm now ! ... Thanks you very much ! Hail to the king ! :yum::sunglasses:

(Lareieli) #9

I hope it's appropriate to append this to another thread on a similar subject: I just downloaded the Sketchfab app today on my iPhone 6, and I have the latest OS, but I don't see the AR icon on any of the models I can view. I browsed a while thinking maybe it's only shown on models that are AR ready, but I couldn't find any AR settings to enable for my own models in Chrome on desktop. Is it just not supported on an older iPhone like mine?


I'm afraid that ARKit is only available for iPhone 6s and above, and iPad 2017 models running iOS 11 :frowning:

(Lareieli) #11

I forgot that the S matters! I'm actually running it on an iPhone 6S with iOS 11.2.1, but the AR option still isn't visible. Do I need to get an ARKit app too, or?

Whoops, husband tells me it's only a 6. Sorry for taking your time, but thank you for the reply!