AR mode - suggestion

(Vrchris) #1

I love sketchfab! I just like to browse all different models and view them in comfort of my own home.

I own several VR headsets and it’s nice to have positional tracking to walk around them.
AR is also pretty cool, but I have 3 suggestions to enhance the experience:

  1. Add support for 3D mode on 2D displays - I’m talking about anaglyph rendering. Right now everything we see on the phone is flat - cheap 3D glasses would add depth at the cost of colors, but it’s an optional settings - you are already rendering it in 3D, we just need to separate left/right eye. Please consider this.

  2. Disable camera view - I would prefer to view some models on a black/white background instead on the background of camera feed.

  3. This is more just for the phones - some models are better browsed in FPP perspective instead of orbit mode, however current implementation on mobile is pretty much useless. Maybe you could configure it so that left half of the screen controls movement (like FPP games on consoles) and the right half controls looking around.

What do you think?

(Leoneduardi) #2

Hi @vrchris!

Just to add as tip to your suggestion 1, for the situation you have an iPhone.
(Aryzon recently updated their AR 3D Model Viewer app to support the SketchFab gITF format. The app, currently only for iOS, allows you to import your own content to view either in 2D AR (like Pokemon Go) or in true 3D AR if you have the Aryzon AR Headset.

Check it out:
Aryzon’s AR 3D Model Viewer