AR resize problem


I tried to adjust the AR scale of the world. TMy adjustments had no effect on the AR visuals on the mobile app. I have a couple of questions to figure out what I’m doing wrong. I was following the instructions from here:
I want to downsize scanned models basically for a food size on a table. How long does it take to get the changed AR scale data to load in a mobile app? So I can see the result? What I see in the scaling menu is a real 1to1 reference or just an orientation to the real model size? Example: if I downscale something to compare to the size of a head, and set a distance of 1m, I should see that exact “head-sized” model in the AR, right? Could it be my models are just too big when I am uploading them and downsize is not possible?

model example: Langos without topping - 3D model by Zoltanfood (@zoltanfood) [8d974c2] - Sketchfab

Thank you in advance!

Hi there. The Sketchfab mobile app does not offer real AR and so the scale settings have no effect. What you’re seeing is essentially just the regular viewer in front of your camera feed.

Thank you for the quick response! I was playing with the settings and got the same result over and over. Thanks for the confirmation! I was just wondering if this feature ‘‘real size’’ AR available or not. Are you planning to add this feature at some point to the mobile app or access to the USDZ link? Maybe only newer phones would capable really use this feature due to embedded scene measurement.

App-free AR, which allows accurate scaling, is currently available to Enterprise customers. We may open the feature up to other plans in the future but do not have any concrete plans to do so at present.