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Our services
ARCHIMETER is an experienced land and engineering surveying company. Its highly skilled staff is dedicated to combine several and different innovative tecnologies in surveying projects (Laser Scanner, G.P.S., Total Station, U.A.V., Thermographic Camera) and in technical-graphic post-production. Our company performs in the architectural, archaeological, cultural heritage, building and geological sector and offers professional coaching to its clients during the following steps of technical design, too.

Service description

  • Specialisation: Archaeological sites,cultural heritage, buildings, large landscape areas
  • Equipment/software: Leica ScanStation™ C10
  • Location: Canosa di Puglia, BT, Puglia, Italy
  • Ability to travel: all around Italy, but also abroad
  • Resolution: dependant on requirenments
  • Guaranteed accuracy: 2 mm within 200 m
  • Max scannable size: 300 m
  • Textures: yes
  • Deliverable file formats: PTS, OBJ, PLY, DWG, DXF, JPEG, PNG
  • Additional services: 3D modeling, 2D technical drawings,
  • Costs: dependant on case


3D Model from a point cloud after an archaeological survey

CANOSA DI PUGLIA | Sito archeologico by Archimeter on Sketchfab

3D Model from a point cloud after an architectural survey

ROMA | Stadio del Tennis al Foro Italico by Archimeter on Sketchfab

3D Model from a point cloud after a structural survey

BRINDISI | Vecchio Faro sul Castello Alfonsino by Archimeter on Sketchfab