Arcscene to wrml error upload


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Hi i have a probleme. I exported model from arcscene to wrml and it worked here. But i need to export today and when i upload wmrl to sketchfab my model is flat. Do you know , how to fix it ?


Hi, can you link to the model?

(Kominjir) #3 this model not working, it is only flat.

(Kominjir) #4 and this model ,which i uploaded first it works good


Thanks! I opened the WRL file in other software and it's also flat. I think it was an export error from ArcScene - could you check your settings?

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Was this ever resolved? I am having the same problem and can not find a solution anywhere.

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@NCSSurveys could you link to the model having issues please?
The only model I can found on your account is which
appears to not be flat (you may switch to matcap rendering to make relief more visible).

Regarding initial post, we are still not sure what the issue was as reported models looked fine in sketchfab compared to other software.

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Hey there, Mr C.

Unfortunately I can't link to the model because I couldn't upload it. It was basically the same model with some boundary lines that I added in ArcScene - Obviously, I am somewhat new to this but I have no idea what the problem was with the revised data and there is next to NO help regarding getting info between ArcScene and SketchFab anywhere on the net.

Do you have any suggestions ( or can point me in the right direction ) for how I can get this extra line-work onto the model. Essentially all I needed to do was drape the boundary lines over what I already had.

I have Autodesk Civil 3D, ArcGIS and Photoscan at my disposal, or I would consider buying more software if I need to.

I am sorry for the n00b question, but I have exhausted every other avenue that I know of.


I think you will have to export the 3D scan and the line data separately, then combine them in other software. Maybe Blender or SketchUp (both free) can import shapefiles from ArcScene?

Can you tell us more about the kinds of files ArcScene/ArcGIS can export?

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It can be a tool, which at the time of export is not accepting.

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Thanks Guys,

I will investigate further and see if I can resolve it. I appreciate your advice and will persevere.

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I also had no luck exporting VRML from ArcScene to Sketchfab. I don't know much about the file format or how it works however. VRML does seem to be the only common file format on the list that might work however. Any other options for ERSI users?

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Hi James,

I gave up trying and never found a solution.