Are annotations supported on Windows 8.1 with IE11?

(Mudphone) #1

I see that Sketchfab supports IE11. But, I noticed that annotations don't show up on my model when using Windows 8.1 with IE11. They do show up when I use IE11 with Windows 7. Just wondering if I'm doing it wrong, of if it's just not supported. Thanks.


That's strange. @pap - any idea?

(Pierre-Antoine) #3

Is it the same version of IE11?
Is it the same hardware? Is webgl enabled on the PC running windows 8?
Is it on all models?

Edit: Internal tests on IE11 / windows 8.1 showed that annotations were working for us.

(Mudphone) #4

Hi @pap,

I'm using the IE 11 with Windows 8.1 combo. I'm assuming that WebGL is working fine, since the model works, and it's just the annotations that don't show up.

It looks like it's all models, as I tried to use this example page:

Hmm... They're consistently not working for me here. But, again I'm on


Just tested Windows 8.1 / IE11 on Browserstack, but WebGL isn't working at all on Sketchfab. indicates that WebGL is enabled, but support is experimental and may not work everywhere.

Since our internal tests work, seems like it might be a Browserstack issue...