Are direction lights broken?


(Cheshire Creative) #1

Been using sketchfab to show house models for a while and lights seemed to work as expected.
Now, when I light anything with a single direction light there is a problem. When the light points directly at a surface it does nor illuminate it. Rotate the light slowly 90degrees away from the surface and the surface becomes illuminated and then gets darkers as the light turns away from the surface which is the correct behaviour. However, if you rotate the light away from the surface in the other direction then the surface stays dark.

On this model rotate the light up or right and the lighting works (darkens gradually as lights rotate away). Rotating down or left and the lighting breaks immediately.

Any ideas?

(Paul Sketch) #2

Thanks a lot for the report and very clear and useful model !
Latest Shadow code update introduced a bug in shadow usage of vertex normal, we'll fix asap.

(Cheshire Creative) #3

Thanks that's great.
Do you know when this will be fixed?

(Paul Sketch) #4

It should be fixed now.

(Cheshire Creative) #5

Excellent, thanks. Works here.

Whilst your fixing things, is there a way to increase the shadow map size for the lights?
I seem to be getting major light leaks under my fences. If I adjust the shadowmap bias I can get rid of the leaks but then the fence looks like it's casting a shadow through itself.

(Paul Sketch) #6

Changing texture size would only very lightly mitigate the leaks, and at a very high performance render cost at that.
( but we're investingating alternatives way of mitigate those )