Are iframe collections working?

I’m having difficulty with collections showing up in web or mobile. It used to work fine. Is it me or is something broken?

I simply copy the embed code and place it in an iframe. It does not seem to load at the moment.

Collections also not working from the SF app

For me collections do not seem to work. Do they work for anyone else?

Hey Abakker !

I don’t seem to reproduce the issue. Would you have an URL where that happens handy ?

Thanks !

– AJ

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Hi @abakker !

We managed to reproduce the issue, and we are looking into it.

Thanks for reporting,


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If you look at my account you’ll see I have multiple collections.

When I use your app I do not see the collections.

I suspect the problem is that all the files are private. However I still like to show the collection using an iframe.

Is there a way to show the collection when the files are private?

Thanks for looking into this


Hi @abakker ,

Currently the only way to include a playlist with private models is to add the uids manually ?models=uid1+uid2+...

For example:

Here is a working example:

You can read more about it here:

Hope this helps!



Fantastic great, problem solved