Are we ever going to see proper VR implementation on mobile app?

(Vrchris) #1

Okay, so the Sketchfab web does support VR such as Oculus Rift/HTC Vive natively via WebVR if I understand correctly.

However, when you try to use web version and click on VR icon, it goes to VR mode directly in the browser - without distortion or anything. Completly useless.

When you try to use Sketchfab web directly inside VR web browser, it works - crashes the first time, but second time works fine, however, everything is like 5% the original resolution, it’s a blurry mess, but it does support remote pointer to teleport around model.

Is it possible to introduce ARCore functionality, like in AR mode, but for VR, WITH the Oculus SDK?

The original Sketchfab VR app has not been updated and it’s completely obsolete.

If you press on VR button on the Android app, it’s asking you to insert mobile to VR headset - but it’s not compatible with Gear VR.

I feel like the mobile side of apps is completly abandoned, and you guys are missing out on it.

Just imagine walkin around real world - in an open field or even at home in room scale - around photogrammetry models. It does work really well on PC VR, but we have to be tethered. Allowing this in ‘wireless’ mode is much more immersive, and I would love to take my Gear VR with me more often to show people my models, but in real scale, instead on a small screen.