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Are you developing for Virtual Reality (Gear VR/ Oculus / Valve etc.)?

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Dear Sketchfab Community,

I wanted to start a discussion or even a group for those on Sketchfab who are developing for Virtual Reality. Some my first question would be who are out there on Sketchfab who do exactly that? Are you doing that?

I started a company called VR/Heroes and my first VR project has been a Virtual Exposition. I did this together with two artists. I used Sketchfab whilst developing to easily display one of the artworks I was working on, here's an example:

Roomy by on Sketchfab

My next VR/Exposition will be with around 40 artists and I am thinking of letting them first upload models to Sketchfab for an initial selection after which we will add these models to our next exposition.

So now I am wondering if you also use Sketchfab for your VR/Projects. Or maybe you use directly Sketchfab using the Sketchfab Cardboard version?

Looking forward to seeing your examples! smiley