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Are you keeping a sketchbook for your projects?

(Bart) #1

Many artists on our Art Spotlight series include hand-drawn concept sketches of their work. I was curious how many artists in our community do this, and if people would like to maintain a sketchbooks on the forum? Might be a fun way to look at your art in a different way smile

(Mikesido) #2

Yep! most of the times I do some rough concepting.

(Bart) #3

Hey @mikesido, would you mind sharing some pictures of it? I'm curious what it looks like, and maybe it can inspire others to do the same!

(Mikesido) #4

I have more of them but couldn't find so here is my first model I did at school.
Sometimes I even do some Paintovers over a screenshot from a model so I can brainstorm some ideas on it.
and model it later.

(Bart) #5

Ah sweet! I really like seeing that kind of evolution.

@timvizesi do you create sketches of your work too?

(Tim Vizesi) #6

Hey @bartv, depends on the work im doing. most stuff I do is from a concept image already sourced from the net.