ARQUEOLÓGICA 2.0 - 8th International Congress on Archaeology, Computer Graphics, Cultural Heritage and Innovation

(Steadpro) #1

Researchers, professors, archaeologists, architects, engineers, art historians… from archaeology, computer graphics and geomatics dealing with cultural heritage are invited to share knowledge and experiences in the field of Virtual Archaeology. The participation of well-known researchers and enterprises is very much appreciated. An attractive and interesting schedule is arranged for the participants and visitors.

(Pathansell) #2


Is this congress only for presenters and special invited guests? I am an archaeologist in the US who has just begun working with 3D scanners and artifacts for eventual incorporation into an online catalog system. I think attending this conference would be very fruitful for me.

Thanks for a reply.

(Steadpro) #3

Hi, I am not the organizer, but I think you're welcome in Congress. For more information write directly to the website