Artifacs in Sketchfab Viewer


i got some strange problems with the sketchfab viewer API on google chrome.

I sometimes get these strange artifacts in my viewport when loading a model.

Is there a way or a setting to avoid this? It only happens sometimes but its kinda annoying when its happening on the clients machine.

Best regards

HI Markus,

could you post an url of the model ?
could you provide a screenshot of

Some big models (big texture or geometries) can be the reason chrome gets corrupted, but it might be a combination of hardware and 3d model, and we might need to report it to chrome.

Here is my webgl report.

The model id is 6f54d1e612c74afb90ffed7b91145140

It does not really matter. it happens on all models.
Is maybe the transparent background the problem?

Thanks for the bug report, sadly I don’t manage to reproduce the bug on any similar setup computer.
it happens only on all your models or any sketchfab models (including other users model)?
If it’s possible to disable the transparent background to test if it fixes, that would validate hypothesis ?