[Artist in Residence] A Journey through the Underworld, Hades Redesign!


(Yekaterina Bourykina) #1

Hey guys! I'm Katia (Sketchfab/ArtStation) and welcome to my thread! I'll be working alongside with Sketchfab for the next few weeks in creating a fantasy character model :smile_cat:

I was really inspired to work on a redesign of a Greek deity and it was a hard choice between Ares and Hades, but the one with the puppies and black ponies won :dog2:

This will be my process thread, I'll be regularly posting lots of WIP shots and 3d views, probably set a few things on fire, and fall on my face a few times, you know all the good stuff!
I'll try and post as in-depth as I can so anyone following can get a good idea of my workflow, and if you have any questions about my process or feedback, please let me know!

Quick note: for WIP 3d views I'll be uploading them privately so they won't be seen on my main page and they don't show up in the news feed, so subscribing to the thread will be the easiest way to keep undated :two_hearts:

So what I am shooting for is a cold, dark, elegant, and armoured character, I don't have a set idea yet so I'm still roughing out sketches.
I know I want to push away from a full Greco-Roman design so I am trying out some asymmetric armour with a flowy torn skirt, and right now I'm wanting to keep him black on black with accents of gold.

I started off by zbrushing his anatomy first, just to get his general shapes so I could feel him out better and start sketching on top.
The shapes are still really messy but I can see where everything is fitting together, this weekend I'll do some more sketching and decide on a concept to start modeling :smile:

Thanks for reading and hopefully following me on my journy of coffee addiction and zbrush crashes!

PS I have discovered the emojis! :sparkles: :dizzy: :star2: :hatched_chick:

(Distance880) #2

Cant wait to see the 3d version! Emojis are powerful objects, use them wisely.

(Yekaterina Bourykina) #3

thank you! :smiley:

(Bart) pinned globally #4

(Nomadking) #5

Nice concept, looking forward to seeing it come to life. Love the asymmetrical armor :smile:

(Beccahallstedt) #6

Very excited to see progress, Katia! :smile:

(Andyvargas) #7

ohh yay!! im excited to see your work progress!

(D.Van) #8

Amazing work! Sorry if you've already answered this question a thousand times, but what software do you use for texuring? Your models have such a great hand-painted look to them.

(Aherowillrise) #9

Whoop whoop, can't wait to see more. Greek mythology always wins! :muscle:

(Bart) #10

Hi all,

to break the wait for the first update a bit and to answer some first questions, here's an interview we recently did with Katia:


(Yekaterina Bourykina) #11

hey! thanks so much guys!
@devancheque thank you! i use 3d coat and photoshop :smile:

been trying to polish up the concept, most of it is there, but i'll probably do a few final changes later (seal/tattoos, key, buckle, minor details...)
thank you to Geoffrey for giving me feedback on the design XD

(NappingDragon) #12

Great topic. Really interesting to see how the Pro's making the job done :sunglasses:

Probably some dark horrifying carvings on his bigger shoulderplate would make it more.. i don't know, maybe valuable asset for his rank. just thinking loud )
Can't wait to see final!

(Timofei Shcheglov) #13

Awesome :smile: . I'd like to become a character artist one day, but sadly I'm too far from it now.

(D.Van) #14

Man, I was almost hoping there's some super secret super cool in-house piece of software that mere mortals don't know about. 3D Coat can be such an unruly program despite its many blessings. I suppose it is in my nature as a bad workman to blame the tools.

Thank you for answering and good luck on the project! :smile:

(Josefuentes) #15

I love your work!

excited to see what I can learn about your process

(Warbzz) #16

Can't wait to see what you make.
Emoji are very powerful :smiley: :star2:

(Mspalante) #17

Im getting crazy here to see the news !! :smiley:
Thanks for sharing with us :smile:

(Amac) #18

That pauldron, as cool as it looks, isn't going to place nice for the animators.

(Yekaterina Bourykina) #19

thank you so much guys!

@simonb thank you! i like that idea!

@TimoShch thank you, as soon as you start modeling characters you are a character artist, you can absolutely do it :smiley:

@devancheque thank you so much! 3d coat is a bit temperamental, i use to have an issue painting in there all the time until i started:
-exporting an obj that is converted to tris, because it will mess with my textures by flipping the edges in a quad.
-setting smoothing groups and make sure they export out as well :smiley:
-brush options set to "sharp shape (old style)" and "sharp shape w/alphas"
i'll attach my setup, took this shot for my Patreon a while back :smile:

@amac thank you! yeahhh, i'm going to blame WoW for that, i'll try to fix it so the armour doesn't punch him in the face as much XD

(D.Van) #20

Wow, those are some really good tips! I really appreciate you taking time to share them. I'll make sure to check out your Patreon! :smile: