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[Artist in Residence] Futuristic safe/vault


(Boysichterman) #1

Hellooo and whats up all! :grinning:

My name is Boy Sichterman (Sketchfab, Artstation, Instagram), an hard surface focused 3d artist currently working at Elite3d In Spain.

Im very excited to work together with sketchfab for the upcoming weeks and create a hard surface futuristic safe/vault. I will design the concept myself and take it all the way through the game ready pipeline. The modeling will be done with Maya, the baking with Marmoset Toolbag and the textures in substance painter.

I will share as much tips and tricks as possible on the way so hopefully there is something valuable in there for everybody.

Besides real world objects, my main reference will be coming from the latest Doom game and artworks from artists like Paul Pepera, Tor Frick, Vitaly Bulgarov and Alex Senechal.
The safe will be slightly bigger than a person with a very heavy look feel.

Here a collection of inspiration:

The plan is to have some moving parts in there and make use of the animation feature of Sketchfab by creating an opening animation.
Along the journey, feedback and ideas are welcome of course!

Cant wait to get started,
Cheers and till next update! :sunglasses:

(Paulchambers3d) pinned globally #2

(Paulchambers3d) #3

Welcome aboard Boy! Can't wait to see this one.

(Nomadking) #4

Sounds like a really interesting project - everyone loves tech!

(Joshuawhittaker) #5

Really looking forward to what you create!

(Boysichterman) #6

Sup all, hereby the first update :slight_smile:
Started doing blockouts in Maya where I only try to focus on the big shapes and the main functionality, so how its going to open. I dont add any detail yet, since its easy to get caught up modeling and hides the bigger picture.

The way I go about doing this is just moving and adjusting simple primitives. I dont care about topology at all, the only thing that matters is general shape and silhouette. Also I dont try to spend too long on each version. After a few minutes I just move the current one aside and start working on the next one by duplicating parts and mashing it together in different combinations.
My favorite tool here is the Boolean function. It use to be quite buggy and dangerous in the older Maya versions but since 2015 it is pretty stable for me. Just make sure to delete history once in a while to be safe (no pun intended).

Also I test how the safe looks when its opened, and for now the last version in the screenshot looks the most promising to me. So I will duplicate that one and keep experimenting with it.
It might look pretty simple for now, but getting this right is esssential. Next update will already have a lot more detail I promise :slight_smile:

(Boysichterman) #8

Aaaand here the final blockout. Again, the geometry is a mess but I am not bothered by that since its just the blockout.

The way I created this GIF quickly is by using Maya's viewport 2.0 and batch renderer.
I simply aim the camera on my model, snap the pivot in the center of the safe and animate it to rotate 360 degrees.
Then I make sure the animation loops correctly by doing the following:

Then I make sure my render settings are set up correctly.

When this is all good to go, I do a batch render. (set Maya to rendering, and you can find it in the render tab).

After that I open the image sequence in Photoshop, do some post processing if needed and click on 'save for web'.
When the options come up you can play with compression to make sure you dont end up with huge files, and you can turn on looping as marked in red in the screenshot below.

Hope this is useful for somebody, I'm happy to explain it in more detail if anybody is interested!

Gonna continue with the high now, and animate it when finished as a test to show it in the sketchfab viewer.

(Nomadking) #9

I love seeing all the variants you came up with while blocking out. Nice choices for the final piece too :slight_smile:

(Paulchambers3d) #10

And don't forget Sketchfab is perfect for showing this kind of thing! :wink:

(Boysichterman) #12

You right Paul, here is the blockout animated :slight_smile: worked perfectly!
The geometry is super dirty because its the blockout, but it serves its purpose


In case anyone is interested, we also have our own screenshot generator and GIF / WebM Video generator in the Labs section:

For animated models it shows the animation:

For static models it makes a turntable:

(Boysichterman) #14

Whoah thats brilliant, no idea this existed! Definately gonna use this from now on :slight_smile:


There's a small issue where one frame of black is added to the loop. We're trying to fix it, but it's been hard to debug.

(Saphires) #16

Hey Boy! Awesome stuff you're creating, looking forward to this one. I have a soft spot for great hard surface stuff :smiley:

(Twitte King) #17

Looking great! Really look forward to see the texture baking and weathering techniques!

(Boysichterman) #18

Glad your all looking forward to it! Currently got the base high done, so jumping into the details now. Should be done in a few days. I'm thinking of maybe recording the texturing part, but gotta test it first. Also, if time allows for it I might make something extra for inside the safe. Suggestions are welcome!

(Nivellen) #19

I am very happy that you share your knowledge. Especially I look forward to the video of painting in the SP, will help me to tame this "bull" :slight_smile: As for the contents of the safe, I think gold will be boring, it would be better to have something funny. It is a pity that there is no function of interaction with models, it would be interesting to open a safe.

(Emre Karabacak) #20

Hey Boy!
Now followed you to sketchfab :stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck with this project and I'm very excited to see the end result :smile:

Emre Karabacak

(Boysichterman) #21

@nivellen Thnx! I'll definately not go for the avarage safe contents, maybe something more exotic like uranium or indeed something funny.

@emrekarabacak Thnx man!

So the plan is to finish the high this weekend. I got some amazing feedback on the shape language from Alex Senechal, so implementing that right now, and then I'll thow all those polys in sketchfab!

(Ricus Maximus) #22

It's looking really, really cool!
Perhaps for creating the feeling you can add a banana (or person) for scale.

Are you going to work with PBR materials too?