[Artist in Residence] Futuristic safe/vault

Thanks, glad you like it!!

Got the low geometry finished now, just gotta Uv and bake it and the texturing fun can start :slight_smile:


Quick inbetween update, unwrapped the entire things and layed out the UVs. For unwrapping I used maya with the nightshade plugin which allows me to quickly straighten shells and rotate shells by 90 degrees. After everything was unwrapped, I scaled everything to have the same texeldensity with the layout function which is standard in Maya. Then I scale some parts down which are hidden like the bottom and scaled more important parts up a little like the display.
After that I bring it into IPackThat to do a quick pack and optimize it by hand bak in Maya. All by all the packing process only took like 2 hours this way with a reasonable result.

Here is the final low with some mirrored parts hidden and the UV’s:

Time to set up the bakes now, should be done by the end of tomorrow so I’ll upload it in sketchfab soon!
And after, my favorite part: Texturess!!!


Aaaaand its baked !
This is with a single 4k heavily compressed normal map applied. Might scale down to 2k later on.

Also got everything set up in painter, so time for the fun part :slight_smile:
During the weekend Ill provide some more in depth breakdowns of my process for the bakes, as well as the final textures.


First texture pass. Still got some polishing to do but fairly happy with the result so far. Also gonna see if I can do something cool with the display.

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So I had this idea of using a few emissive planes with transparency and some animation for the display.
Works exactly like I hoped!

Here a screen from sketchfab:

Here is the texture Im using for transparency with a simple blue color for emmision, and the really simple geo.

Aand the scene so far:


Right now the animation is easing in and out and the pivots on the circles are slightly (annoyingly) off center, gonna fix that for the final version which is really close now. All thats left to do is open it!


Awesome way to trick an animated texture look!

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Aaaaaaand here it is, the safe finished and finally opening!

Decided to put a little easter egg inside for the Rick and Morty fans, because why not.
Had a lot of fun creating this asset, and learned a lot about the sketchfab viewer and how to get the most out of it. I was always afraid to export something animated but its a lot more easy than I anticipated. Simply keying rotation and exporting fbx with baked animation was enough to get the trick done.

I also streamed most of the texturing on twitch but unfortunately it didn’t safe the stream, so I will create some breakdowns over the next couple of days.

To begin, here are the individual channels:

If there are any other questions regarding my workflow or whatever, I am happy to answer them!


Brillaint work matey! Wuba Luba Dub Dub

Thanks for sharing your process @boysichterman. The end result is a great mix of imaginative and functional - which is the best part of Sci-fi work! :slight_smile:

Haha love the Rick and Morty reference! Awesome model! :slight_smile:

Fantastic work Boy!!!

Very nice result \o/

Beautifully done! Love what’s inside :wink:

I love it! That sauce…

Haha best twist ! :smiley:

Thanks so much all! Glad people get the reference haha
Had a lot of fun creating this one :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to know anything specific about the process feel free to ask!

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Sweet result man!

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Made a GIF where I turn on all my substance layers one by one to show how I build it up


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