[Artist in Residence] Kaeru


(Samuel Compain) #1

Hi !

I'm Samuel Compain, Senior Character Artist, (Artstation, Linked in, Sketchfab) I just joined the Sketchfab community, and will teaming up with Sketchfab for a personal work (the first since a long long time!)

I will create a sort of samurai, in a semi realistic style (my favorite one), with more realistic materials. I'll proceed like I do when I create a game/cinematic character, with a rough on Zbrush, detailing, lowpoly and texturing with painter.

Here is a quick sktech of my idea in order to see where i go with this one.

Hope you'll enjoy it !


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(Grico316) #2

Great concept. Can't wait to see the model.

(Bart) #3

Great to have you Sam!

(Bart) #4

(Nomadking) #5

Looking forward to seeing this concept develop!

Welcome aboard @SamuelCompain :wink:

(Shaderbytes) #6

Yes I like the theme :smile: Welcome and I'm sure it will be a work of art.

(Samuel Compain) #7

Thanks !
Soooo, here is the first sketch for her in 3D ! Dynamesh for the body and extract for the shirt, with a decimation master to import the model in sketchfab.

Kaeru by Samuel Compain on Sketchfab

(Samuel Compain) #8

Hi !
a little up, I always start with a sphere for all my armor pieces, and for more or less everythings, i love sculpting with Zbrush !


(Samuel Compain) #9

Hey !

Little up of the day, with some rough armor pieces, just to be sure if the design works well in 3D ^^

(Samuel Compain) #10

The work of this week end :slight_smile:


(Paulchambers3d) #11

Wow! Looks great. Just goes to show that it's important to block out the forms first before you really get into the details. How long have you been using ZBrush?

(Maicowsilva) #12

wow! i'm loving it! really nice armor design!

(Samuel Compain) #13

Yep it's primordial to have a nice silouhette before going on details, It important to be able to move or adjust any part without destroying details.
I use Z since 2009 more or less.

(Nomadking) #14

The armor is coming along nicely, and feels very functional despite it's ornate nature :thumbsup:

(theStoff) #15

This is coming along very nicely! I think there are two things that could be adjusted a bit. the outer cloth seams to fall a bit strangely. For instance in the back view. There's a fold that goes down and up again which makes it feel like it's fighting gravity. The other thing is small but I feel the tapering of the fingers is a bit odd. It's a bit too wide at the base inc comparison to the tips. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

(Samuel Compain) #16

Usually I try to make my character friendly for animation :slight_smile:
Yep Christophs, the drapery falls bad, but as I said before I just sketch in first time, in order to test shapes, and I found that the shape is better without it, the contrast works better with her thin legs. For the hands, It's just an extract from the body, but i'll take care about that! Thanks for you feedback !
Here is a little up, The retopology is not far now.

(Samuel Compain) #17

Hey !
I've made a try with this new hat, and she looks better :slight_smile: And also add some little details.
Next post will be about Retopo ! That's all for Zbrush at the moment.

(Paulchambers3d) #18

Just amazing. You're making this look easy. Jealous! :grinning:

(Alcore Rain) #19

Can't wait to see what you do with the textures in Painter! I love that program, it would be great if you share some of your painting process in SP.

(Samuel Compain) #20

Thanks Paul :slight_smile:
Deadsmile : yes I will, if I have enough time I'll make a small video about my process.

Annd here is the low poly, color are related to the differents textures sets i'll have for this character. There is missing the hairs, and some clean and go for SP !
Some part are not aligned with the model (easier for the baking)