[Artist in Residence] - Pedal Harp

(Dark Minaz) #21

A few of the questions i have and might be interesting for others.

  1. how did you go with making a low poly for the strings?
    just use a plane and texture them with alpha or single pipes with 6x edges? to still have some functionality?

  2. what would probably quite informative would be where you decided to make things higher poly (to maybe bake better) and where higher. are there some plans behind the lowpoly or is it more of a "let's hope for the best"?
    (currently doing a lot of super high Xmio to lowpoly "under2k" work so a few hinters that i might missed would be interesting especially since it's quite a unique design in a lot of places)

  3. seeing as you designed all of it in highpoly, did you create the ornaments on the side with illustrator curves (or something along those lines)or did you actually generate the topology for that? :open_mouth:

Not a huge fan of the things in the front, but the rest looks amazingly smooth, with the right kind of wood it would look like a wonderful instrument that is almost to precious to play

(Lizedwards) #22

This is awesome. Hard surface modelling like this is essentially wizardry to me so it's very cool getting a glimpse into how it comes together!

(Kbrom3d) #23

Hey everyone!

So I wrapped up the low poly, uv's, and baked it over the last couple of days and I just finished getting it all setup in Substance Painter.

Here are the wires for anyone who's curious...probably will go back before its all done and remove some edges in several spots. I left a few extras in there for the bake and haven't taken them out yet.

And here is my lovely 5min texture job in painter haha!

Pretty sure the masks are off on several pieces but I'll refine those as I go along.

@dark_minaz - let me answer your questions!

  1. I'm going to use a 6 sided cylinder for each string; I'd probably do the same if this was for an actual game and have LOD1 be a single plane. Tri's are cheap.

  2. So I put most of the geo anywhere that helps define the silhouette of the model. I know I have a few meh places on this asset but sometimes your time is better spent elsewhere instead of removing/adjusting edges for hours. After you baked a million assets you sort of naturally work out all the kinks and bugs in the workflow so while I used to 'sort of hope for the best' it's more of executing properly instead of hoping.

Is there anything specific you're referring to that you see? Maybe I can get an image together with a little breakdown if there is.

  1. For the side ornaments I used a masking feature in Zbrush called Mask by Intensity.

The workflow is this:
- UV the mesh you want to work on...in this case it was a simple plane for me to make the shape I needed.
- Make a mask in photoshop of the ornaments in black with a white background so it matches the UV's you just did.
- Import the mask as a texture in zbrush and apply it, then you can use mask by intensity which will use the texture to generate the mask.
- From there I used group loops/panel loops in Zbrush to pull out the ornaments but there are many ways to do this step.

It's a really quick way to get a lot of intricate things done. If you'd like I can maybe dig up my texture and do a one page breakdown for ya.

I'm with ya on the front to! This is one of those pieces I'll be revisiting sooner then later I think.

(Dark Minaz) #24

Very interesting to see your lowpoly, so you leave a lot more edges in than i thought. That could explain why the bake works better.

Ah i thought you made the side things in maya or 3dsmax, if it's just the zbrush stamping you can do that in substance painter as well by making the ornamet into grayscale and put it on the height mask.

I did learn quite a lot in my current project, but your lowpoly gave me a few extra hinters that i might try out for hardsurface baking :wink: ill give that a shot in the future

(Chromo Xy) #25

Great work kbrom3d! I wish I can play with it later. Maybe 3D print it? Lol

(Kbrom3d) #26

@chromoXY All on you if you want to 3d Print it, I'll gladly give ya the file....I have a feeling this isn't 3d printer friendly though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Quick update here...Got all my masks setup properly and I was able to my first pass on the strings.Only thing really left to do is the fine wood portion and the manual painting which will be on almost all of the empty surfaces your looking at.

It's been a relaxing prop to texture so far. Expect final renders and a sketchfab 3d viewer on Sunday night! :slight_smile:

(Kbrom3d) #27

Hey everyone, just wrapped this guy up! I had a lot of fun working on something that's a bit different than what I'm used to seeing.

Here some final images and the 3d viewer!

Also updated my artstation with the harp - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/d6YgQ

(Dark Minaz) #28

The normal map looks a bit to low res for the ornaments, might want to update that to a png with 2-4k :slight_smile:

Aside from that there is so much nice detail work, like the back where the wires bend, such a small yet important detail to making it look realistic.

very nice work

(Paulchambers3d) #29

Superb work Kyle. Really enjoyed following along with this one!

(Nomadking) #30

Was great following you through your process. The care and attention to detail really shows in the end result :slight_smile:

(Kbrom3d) #31

I'll see if I can hotfix those 2k's for some 4k's for ya @dark_minaz :slight_smile:
That's one reason why I love working in substance painter, it allows ya to change the resolution at anytime.

(Dark Minaz) #32

yeah me2 :stuck_out_tongue:
if i see something is to chunky i can just export it as png seperate and then exchange the texture in the sketchfab editor at any time :slight_smile: