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My name is Kieran McKay, I’m super thrilled to be here as an Artist in Residence with Sketchfab!

So a bit about myself:
I’m primarily working in the Games Industry and most recently I’ve been doing a lot of Digital sculpting work for collectable miniatures and 3DPrint.

Currently I’m working as a freelance artist and over the last couple of years I’ve had the pleasure of working with many awesome clients on some super exciting projects! To name a few I’ve done some cool stuff with Game of Thrones, Sony/Guerrila Games, Squeeze Studios and Square Enix, and also Kingdom Death.
You can see my works and more about me here: Artstation, Website, LinkedIn, Instagram

Aside from professional works I think it’s great to keep fresh and make some personal art! It’s a great way to unwind whilst learning and trying new things.

For this project I’m going to be working from a wonderful concept by Christophe Fossard, fell in love with this character instantly!

My plan is to show my typical approach to creating a character from a concept, explaining my processes and techniques along the way.

Stay tuned for some updates!


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Welcome Kieran! I love the concept art - are you planning to do kind of handpainted style? What are your tools of choice?

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Hey @bartv I'm not going to do a full hand painted style as such, but I want to use a mix of methods to really capture the charm in the concept!
I'm going to start sculpting away in Zbrush and then retopologise in Topogun for the lowres mesh. Texturing will be done in Photoshop

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Looking forward to watching you take this concept and run, Kieran. There are so many great things on your Artstation, that I know this will be good :wink:

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Alright here we go,
Kicking this off with some progress on the sculpt!

Blocking Out Phase:
So when I start a character, I usually like to start everything from spheres. As you can see in the first attachment I'm just simply throwing some basic shapes together which are all created from different spheres.

Roughing In Some Shapes:
Next I'll start to add in some new parts with slightly more details.
At this stage I keep everything super rough and only spend a short while sculpting one particular tool before I jump onto the next. I like to build most things quite early on so I can have some fun pushing and pulling some shapes.

Building Up Some Character Likeness
Start to work in some simple details and try to match the likeness.
Sometimes if you have some real tricky shapes It's good to keep some things rough but still representative to the concept. You can always rebuild it later on if you need too.

Refining Shapes:
This is as far as I have got for the first update!
Been super fun already and I'm loving working on this character. So I've tried getting quite close to the concept here but I will probably tweak some more things next time round too. Nothing is final yet.

Stay tuned for more progress,
Feel free to ask any questions and drop in your thoughts and comments guys! : )


Welcome aboard! Love the WIP, this looks really beautiful.

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That's a really cool start! Eager to see more :open_mouth:

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Thanks @c0re and @essimoon !

Here is an update on the sculpt. Quick render from Zbrush
Just polishing some parts and working in some more details : )

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Wow! That looks fantastic! Looking forward to see what your next steps are :slight_smile:

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Wow! Looking great. Would love to hear any ZBrush tips you have!

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Thanks a lot @mgordeeva250, @paulchambers3d.

Some more progress on the sculpt, almost at the finish line.
I changed up a lot of stuff again to get the balance even stronger! I really want to get that likeness spot on!

Here's a quick little tutorial on how I started making the cape for anyone that's interested : )
I just need to add some details to the cape to finish off the sculpt.

Once I have finished the sculpt I'm going to upload it to the viewer for you guys to check out,
So don't forget to keep up to date with the posts : )

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Quick render from Zbrush.

(Shaderbytes) #14

wow really impressive work :wink:

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Amazing likeness. Goes to show, that no amount of texture work etc. can make up for failing to nail it in the sculpted form. Bravo!

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Thanks @shaderbytes,

@paulchambers3d - Thanks! Personally, in my oppinion I believe that it's imperative to get the sculpt/model looking as good as possible! You have to make the silhouette and shape language read really well before undertaking any other work like retopology and texturing etc.
I think working this way allows the next steps come more naturally and makes them a lot easier.

Here is the sculpt! no doubt I will probably tweak some little things even more. I have my eye on a few parts already haha. On to retoppo next

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That's pretty much spot on. Great sculpt. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot @araon !

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Amazing work so far! Thanks for going into so much detail for each step of your process :slight_smile:

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@nomadking thanks!
I'm going to do a little write-up on the topology process next, so hope that will be helpful too :slight_smile: