[Artist In Residence] - Robin Hood, King

That's pretty much spot on. Great sculpt. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @araon !

Amazing work so far! Thanks for going into so much detail for each step of your process :slight_smile:

@nomadking thanks!
I'm going to do a little write-up on the topology process next, so hope that will be helpful too :slight_smile:

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Just posting up a quick render from Keyshot


Some progress on retopology, Still have some parts to do yet and then I'm going to do a final pass on the whole mesh and clean everything up.
At this stage it's quite dense in some areas but nothing is final yet


Pretty much finished with retoppo now, I'll most likely make some small changes whilst I'm unwrapping and doing bakes.
The model is currently around 27K polys.

Can't wait to start texturing this one!


It really looks clean and precise, I'm loving these WIPs!

Thanks a lot @c0re

Got the whole model fully unwrapped and UV'ed today!
I've also been testing out some bakes on the head as I'll be using normal maps to make some details pop out.


Pretty much finished texturing the head, Just need to do some tiny tweaks on that and then I can finish texturing the body!
Everything is Baked down like Normal maps etc… just need to finish the colour work and painting


Looking great Kieran! I love those freckles.

I did notice some odd specularity here and there - on the eyebrows and around the bottom of the nose and ears, especially. Maybe it’s too early to comment on that as you’re still working on the materials :slight_smile:

Looks amazing! I would love it if you could share a little info on your re-topology and UV processes. For example, was it all done within ZBrush? These are two areas that many artists struggle with. You’re making it look easy :wink:

Thanks guys!
@bartv hmmm that’s odd, I can’t see that on mine?.. I was playing around with some post effects like chromatic aberration etc… looks like it could be that?
Yeah I still have some cleaning up to do on the face yet

Ok just sharing some steps here for you guys:

So once I have finished the sculpt I export the high poly mesh as obj. and jump into Topogun.
With this program you can essentially draw your polys over the top of your mesh! Personally I find this the best way to go as you can get the exact results that you want.
Once you are done, or If you want to change anything… you can then export as an obj. back to your native modelling package and make some adjustments

So I exported the mesh from Topogun to 3dsMax and created the symmetry.

For unwrapping I always go for Roadkill, It works great especially for organic parts like faces, hands, monster bits etc…
After I have unwrapped all of my parts I’ll pack my UV’s manually inside 3dsMax. Now were ready for baking maps and texturing

Here are the UV’s for the body:


Thanks for the awesome breakdown. I’m also a huge fan of Topogun and use it in my workflow. I’ve never even heard of Roadkill before - going to have to check it out! Thank you.

Just sharing some processes on how I typically approach texturing.
So Initially I use Zbrush to kick things off and make an easy start… It can sometimes take a while to set-up but it’s totally worth it!

The textured render is some Polypaint work done in Zbrush. The high res model has been projected onto the low res model to get all the details to see where to paint… and this new mesh also has my UV’s so I can export textures easily.
I like to paint down the highlights and shadows to start with, this gives you a base to then work from in Photoshop.
Here is how I set this up:

The colours look quite basic and flat here but it’s a work in progress. Everything can be tweaked further in Photoshop for better results whilst adding textures and other tricks to make it look much cooler!


Here is the finished model!

Hope you guys enjoy it, Thanks for watching!


This is really beautiful, thanks for taking us along! The lighting really adds an extra something but still remains faithful to the original.

wow thats some seriously good soft fabric draping!!

Awesome character design, I also really love your sketchfab light setup here :smiley:

Thanks a lot guys! @c0re @lord00120 @chaitanyak

Just posting up some finished renders: