[Artist in Residence] The Dust Pirate


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Hey all,

I'm Gavin Goulden ( Sketchfab, Artstation, Twitter ) - recently new to the community, I'm excited to partner up with Sketchfab for my latest personal work - a character I'm dubbing "The Dust Pirate"

Essentially, I want to create a character that would fit into the world of Mad Max / Fallout / Rage with some blending of styles from things like Shadowrun and Destiny - not totally a rust covered character, and still embrace the colors. For time restrictions, I'll most likely be focusing on the waist up - but lets see where this goes!

I will be covering my techniques for high poly work, creating a game asset model, and texturing using DDO.

To give you an idea of where I am drawing inspiration from, here are a few key pieces (namely Mad Max, Paul Bonner, Destiny):

Thanks for following!

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Welcome! Excited to see this progress :smile:

(Nomadking) #3

Sounds like an exciting concept @GavinGoulden. Post apocalyptic stuff is always fun!

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Hey there looking forward to it.

(Gavin Goulden) #6

Thanks all!

First small update, I'm beginning to sketch out the body type for the Dust Pirate character. Just quickly building up and chopping off pieces to get the basic shape that I want. Now that I'm starting to feel good about the way his basic shape reads, going to move into building out his costume / gear in the same way - most likely using a mix of Dynamesh and quick base meshes made in Max.

(Gavin Goulden) #7

And the decimated version in viewer:

Dust Pirate Sketch 01 by Gavin Goulden on Sketchfab

(Nomadking) #8

He sure is ugly! Only a mother could love that :wink:

(Chaitanyak) #9

wow, just found this thread, love the topic and progress thus far.
am interested in seeing the textures and materials progress.

(Yekaterina Bourykina) #10

can't wait to see how you texture him! you always have great material read! XD

(Gavin Goulden) #11

@nomadking - haha, something tells me his good looks runs in the family.

@chaitanyak - thanks! Texturing this guy is going to be fun, for sure.

@ybourykina - thanks :smiley: , hoping to get some good material break up this character.

Been blocking out the costume of The Dust Pirate, still really REALLY rough but trying to get a feel for the type of equipment he will have. Basically, this is my process for personal work and what I would consider the "concept phase." Instead of drawing out ideas, I generally have a thought of what I want to do and get it into 3d as soon as possible. Mainly because I'm way more patient with 3d than 2d, but this also lets me figure out what will read in 3d instantly versus spending the type trying to convert and possibly redesigning it.

Anyway, I'm trying to get the feeling that this guy could be a bandit in a wasteland, like a mercenary or bounty hunter on a floating skiff in the desert. I think, for the most part, it's heading in the right direction but things definitely need to be tightened up and thought through a little better - like the respirator and goggles which are essentially cubes right now...

Dust Pirate Sketch 02 by Gavin Goulden on Sketchfab

(Shaderbytes) #12

looking good , his face actually reminds me of the hunchback from the Movie 300!

(Gavin Goulden) #13


Plugging away a bit more at his costume design - adding shoulder armor and arm straps that, I think, help balance him out some more and add some points of interest:

(Gavin Goulden) #14

Starting to detail this guy up, beginning with the face. Also reworked some elements that will just read better - like the nose, folds on the mutated eye,mouth shape, etc.

(Alban) #15

Starting to look super neat, go @GavinGoulden!

(Tylaread) #16

That face detail is disgusting. Keep up the good work! Please be detailed on your workflow for creating the low poly. I feel like that and baking are really under-documented aspects.

Can't wait to see the finished piece! Love the armor!

(Joshmalosh) #17

Very cool! Can't wait to see it progress.

(Ladyrob26) #18

Wow that is really awesome, i wish i could design something myself - that is my goal this year. To learn how to actually make something for myself instead of downloading everyone elses models

(Gavin Goulden) #19

@alban Thanks!
@tylaread For sure, will keep you guys updated as much as I can - if you want to know anything specific, just ask!
@joshmalosh Cheers!
@ladyrob26 Thank you - Honestly, I was at that stage a long time ago where I was more focused on being like someone else rather than just doing my own thing. Even now, it's really easy to look at someone's work and think "I wish I would have done something like that." For me, I find it's best to go to your main influences - artists or whatever - and create things that really are in your wheelhouse, like things you would want to play as in a game, see in a movie, have a toy of, etc. Then, it's just a matter of trying over and over again - busting out a lot of pieces with each one getting better until it all clicks.

Small update tonight, detailed up the arms and hands to match the same surface treatment as the face - soon i will be moving on to the gear / hard surface stuff. Debating using MD on the shirt as a quicker way to get fold work done

(Bart) #20

Hey @GavinGoulden, I have a question about how you decide how to detail the character. I read your introduction - did you think of a 'biography' of the guy too? Like how he ended up in this situation, what happened to him before etc and how that would impact what he looks like, what kind of scars or weapons he has etc?

Also, it would be awesome to see the occasional 3D embed here so we can take a closer look at your work :wink: