[Artist in Residence] The Dust Pirate


(Gavin Goulden) #41

Some more texturing progress in DDO

(Gavin Goulden) #42

Dust Pirate Textured by Gavin Goulden on Sketchfab

Textured character in viewer - still have a few odds and ends to do, but is mostly done. Will be adding decals and messing more with rendering:

(Dark Minaz) #43

while it looks great overall, i feel like a "dust" pirate should have more dust and dirt on him.
especially the blue shirt would soak up so much sand and dust :smile:

but i quite like the skin, looks creepy good

(Gavin Goulden) #44

@dark_minaz Thanks! And, yep, makes sense - probably going to add a layer of dust/sand to the cloth tonight as well as some decals to the armor

(Gavin Goulden) #45

Hey all!

Calling this done, please let me know if you have any questions regarding my process - also, take a look at what @snefer is up to in his Artist in Residence thread: https://forum.sketchfab.com/t/artist-in-residence-mechanized-sentry/7833

Added a it of dust, some decals, adjusted the coloring and played with the lighting scheme :

Dust Pirate Final by Gavin Goulden on Sketchfab

Cheers, and thanks for viewing.

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #46

I really like the concept, sculpt, model, materials :+1: , like all of Your characters, it is great. Maybe the lack of AO is annoying but overall looks good. In game AO is never as good as baked.

About the poly count I'm still hold my ground that 42k for half character is overkill. And yes I know, if the engine lets us to do that so why not? and for me making 15-25k character that looks beautiful on cut-scenes is an art in it self. I always admire modelers that can do that and do not follow the Blinn's Law keeping spare performance for something else not filling it because they can.
Here there is no "WOW how He can do that with so low poly", but rather "You get what you see" :wink:

(Docjana) #47

Very good model.... Very sharp details(maybe too sharp?)

Could you tell me if you used the zremesher or manually did the retopo in max? zremesher is great, but nothing beats manual retopo.... so it would be great if you can share how you did it... :smile:

(Gavin Goulden) #48

@KrzysztofZwolinski For the AO thing, normally you will do that as a separate texture in an engine with a PBR workflow as it isn't technically baked into any of those textures in real life (albedo, gloss, spec, etc.) but is added in after the fact. Can also use that as a sort of mask to give it dual purpose. Definitely could bake in a ton of AO to have details pop, but then the materials will end up looking more flat / not give as good of a response.

For the polycount, again, I don't think there is any ground that needs standing - I think you're just looking at a different spec. While having optimized characters will make things run smoother - and being able to do a lot with a little is a valuable skill - that 15k character is going to fall apart in cutscenes base don todays standards. Deformations, smoother silhouettes, cleaner bakes, texture compression, all benefit from having more geometry. At a point, you're getting diminishing returns by collapsing edges, or baking things into the texture that could be geometry.

@docjana Thanks, it's a mix of both for retopology. Zremesher, even with the improvements, is just messy - you get spirals and generally weird edge flow / edges that don't hold up well for a bake. So, repeating assets like the bullets and plugs, I had prepared before hand and just copied into place. The rest was done by either rebuilding over a sculpt, or reworking a base mesh to fit the new information. For the shirt, that's probably the most "Zremesher" thing since it came from MD, had that, then got reworked in Max.

(Docjana) #49

Cant agree more about this and thanks for the reply on retopo....
However on the polycount I still think 42k is more, especially if you are going to add the lower part of the body, in that case it could go around 80k maybe.... and we are talking quads here.... So it could go pretty high if you are using for gaming..... If you are using it for 3d rendering a video or some high powered stuff, it is pretty much optimized for it...

On a side note, maybe you can crunch the polygons in areas not visible normally like the wrist/palm area inside the gloves(if any), most parts of the vest/shirt... Anyhow congratulations... Are going to leave this one and proceed to the next one? or add lower limbs too?

(Gavin Goulden) #50

Hey @docjana - that's actually in tris :smile: so, if legs were added and were equal to the upper body (which isn't always the case..but could be for conversation sake) - it still isn't over, or much higher, what the standard is for hero characters for current gen. In production, you would take this and have multiple levels of detail so that the model is cheap at a distance, but has all the bells and whistles up close / in cinematics. Obviously, this all depends on the context of the game...like if theres a horde of these dudes on screen, yeah, get it under 40k...if they're always seen at a distance, it warrants cheaper assets, etc. At this point, though, it would get me diminishing returns since it's only for presentation and can essentially be considered a cinematic character...like I would be optimizing for the sake of optimizing but would lose lighting quality, bakes, etc. After a while, unless you're chopping out thousands of tris, it's not goign to make a huge difference as far as performance goes because you'll be nuking them through LOD anyway and would only have so many up close on screen at a time.

Project wise, I'm just going to move on. He was a fun character to make, but I only ever wanted to dot he quick bust :smile:

(Docjana) #51

Great... Nice work on the ugly face, its really disgusting and even calling it disgusting is a compliment... :smile:

Also I was wondering why you did the model in the first place? is it just for practice or are you going to sell it?

If you are just doing a bust what purpose would it serve except as a portfolio item?

(Gavin Goulden) #52

Really, it was just for fun. I've always liked mutants, bad guys, dirty sci-fi type stuff and just never really get a chance to do it in my day to day work. Been trying to get more personal work done this year since last year was a bit light - and get to learn new tools like DDO, rendering in Sketchfab, etc.

(Duncan Elliff) #53

This gave me some great insight in to polycounts! I was keeping full characters sub 15k tris, after reading this I feel pretty silly!

(Gavin Goulden) #54

Cool! It's definitely a context thing...15k is pretty low for a modern day shooter, or typical over the shoulder camera type games. But could be high for an RTS, or mobile game, or if there's a horde of enemies. The numbers are really high now, in general, and you'll most likely hit a texture memory cap before a vert one - but yeah, definitely depends "what" it is

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #55

You can use multiple UV in sketchfab and you have separate slot for AO. So you can bake AO like in game and add to PBR without destroying Albedo,Glossy or Spec that's why I said about lack of AO

(Gavin Goulden) #56

Ah - sorry - I do have an AO texture in there, but might just not be very wide spread. Since I baked alot of the pieces separately, I'd need to do a different bake to get the more harsh AO texture

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #57

I know that, sometimes in Blender AO looks good but in different engines it gets multiply slightly different , so I always check this in shadless mode then im sure that AO works like I want :wink:.

(Lukedwyer) #58

awesome! love your work so far