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(Acornbringer) #1

Hey there!

I'm Winston Powell, a game artist and animator. One of my submissions was picked by @bohc in the last Artist Picks so I have been nominated by @timvizesi and @bartv to post my very own picks! Here are some of my absolute favorite submissions on Sketchfab :smile:

英雄紀元_浣熊 (Heroic era Raccoon) by Bomo

This floral raccoon is an excellent example of beautiful hand-painted textures working in tandem with fantastic low-poly modeling. The minimalist in me loves seeing how much can be accomplished on such a tight poly budget especially when the texture work is so elaborate. It's just a dang cool piece of art!

英雄紀元_浣熊 by Bomo on Sketchfab

Raceship 2014 by Mestaty

Who ever's inside that thing must feel pretty cool right now... This is such a great showcase especially here on Sketchfab where you can bring it up in 3D. As much as I would like to have this on my desk, or in my garage for that matter, getting to look at it here is the next best thing. Awesome style, awesome scene, job well done!

Raceship 2014 by Mestaty on Sketchfab

Place de la Nation-The Triumphe of the Republic by HoangHiepVu

Here is one hell of a sculpture. Kudos to HoangHiepVu for digitizing it so neatly! I don't travel that much so it isn't often that I get to see something this magnificent in person. As an artist with very little traditional background, I have made my way as a game artist through abstract and stylized interpretations of life. Seeing something like this is very humbling.

Place de la Nation-The Triumphe of the Republic by HoangHiepVu on Sketchfab

HiiH by luyssport

This is one of several storybook illustration styled scenes that lussport has created; each of them have their own charming, yet eerie vibe to them. What I love most about them is how well stylized they are. These are one of the rare situations where you can frame the model from any angle and it looks like a hand drawn, water colored illustration. Much like the artists 2D style, the 3D models have wonderful attention to detail and there is always something new to discover in each scene making them extremely captivating.

HiiH by luyssport on Sketchfab

1970's Automobile (Part One) by tzeshi

Many artists today have adopted the graphic style of low-poly, flat-shaded 3D models but few have taken it to this level of detail! It's really great to see such a minimal approach take on such a complex form. This is true for all of tzeshi's work.

1970's Automobile (Part One) by tzeshi on Sketchfab

And there you have it!

Thanks to @bohc for including me in his picks and thanks to @bartv and @timvizesi for my nomination! I hope you all found something new and inspiring to take away from this post! Also, be sure to check out all these artist's full portfolios and favorites as there are surly loads more great submissions to see!

For the next Artist Picks, I nominate luyssport!

(Tim Vizesi) #2

Fantastic picks @acornbringer! :smile:

And thanks for the pick - you are so kind :blush:

(Bart) #3

Brilliant, thanks so much @acornbringer! These Artist Picks never fail to show me work that I've never seen before :smile:

(Acornbringer) #4

My nominee unable to participate so I would love it if @mestaty shared his picks with us!

(Mestaty) #5

I'm in ^^
Thx for the nomination

(Tim Vizesi) #6

Pumped to see your nominations @mestaty - bring 'em on!