Artist Picks: Adam Flores


(Adam Flores) #1

I want to thank @meatmaker for nominating me. These are some of the models and scenes that have inspired me to keep creating and improving my skills. Theyare in no particular order, and I've never done something like this before, so here we go!

Alien Isolation Diorama Snapshot by glenatron on Sketchfab

I saw this a few days after playing alien isolation and I felt the mood was captured perfectly. @glenatron I love the stylized look and the attention to detail that this diorama had.

Nvidia Girl by pascal cleroux on Sketchfab

I liked the concept art for this piece i wanted to recreate it myself, then I saw this one created by @pascal cleroux and fell in love with it. I'm still going to recreate one of them, and I'll be looking to this one for inspiration.

Underwater Diorama by Shannon Lau on Sketchfab

@Shannon Lau This is one of the dioramas i always come back to for inspiration and study. Everything from the textures to the modeling and setup of the scene.

DOOM: Cacodemon by vermilionwlad on Sketchfab

My all time favorite videogame is DOOM. @vermilionwlad captured this cacodemon in ways that i saw in my mind when I was playing the original games.

Wolf Magician by jck333 on Sketchfab

One of the many beautiful characters on this site. @jck333 I really like the movement this scene has. Also I'm a sucker for anime girls.

(Nomadking) #2

Nice picks @adam_flores. Underwater Diorama is one of my favourites, the use of reversed normals to create the water was a brilliant touch! :wink:

(Tim Vizesi) #3

excellent picks @adam_flores.

great to see that the talented sketchfab community is still getting behind artist-picks.
always good to stick my head back in and see whats going on @bartv