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Artist Picks: Antonio Neves


(Antonio Jn) #1

Hello, my name is Antonio Neves, I've been nominated by @leoduycg (Thanks Duy!) I work as a freelancer to live, my speciality is handpainted textures, so my picks are based on this kind of style, and I used these for reference or inspiration many times on my studies, of course there many others, I just picked some of them, no hierarchy. Hope you like them!

Here they are:

Scrolls & Books (Hand Painted)

Scrolls & Books (Hand Painted) by Csaba Baity (tsabszy) on Sketchfab

The first is from @Csaba Baity (tsabszy) , he was very helpful to me specially in the beginning of my studies, he was one of the first artist I saterted to follow, because I loved his painting specially the blend of colors.

Braid Girl

Braid Girl by Calvin on Sketchfab

Now I want to show this model, actually not only this but many things of @Calvin, I love his style, everything is too readable, there is no messy on his stuff, he finish very well every little piece, that is because I like him.

Stormwind mailbox

Stormwind mailbox by Oleg Linkov on Sketchfab

This is another one, that I like very much. @Oleg Linkov, has a unique style, his textures are very clean. It's simple with details.

Forest Scene

Forest Scene Retouch by jessie.van.aelst on Sketchfab

This one is very cool from @jessie.van.aelst I did see very long time ago, it's funny, I like the colors and the composition in general, she did a great work on that!


Vikings by z-zogue on Sketchfab

For the last, I choose these vikings (chibi style) from @z-zogue , I like them because the painting is very clean probably on of the best chibis I ever seen, can't wait to see more stuff from him!

So, for the next, I would like to nominate @Csaba Baity (tsabszy), I would love to see him on the next topic :smile:

(Oleglinkov) #2

thanks Antonio! :smiley:

(Bart) #3

Thanks Antonio, that was great! I'll contact Csaba and will let him know he's nominated.

(Tim Vizesi) #4

some beautiful picks in here @antonio_jn