Artist Picks : Ayhankin

Hey everyone I have been nominated by @jtorrevillas, thanks for nominating me!

And here are my favorite works on Sketchfab… And by the way there is no hierarchy, I love all of them very much!

Blazing Essence

Lets begin with Rafael Zanchtein’s amazing art, he is a great artist and he is very passionate about what he is doing! I love every art update he makes! You should follow his art!

Dwarf Mortar

My second pick is from Bo! Well I guess I love handpainting stuff too much :), here is Bo’s badass dwarf. You should not mess with this one, look how cool he is!

Durotan Normal Skin

My third pick is from Tim Moreels! I love this model so much. The way that he established his textures and character are amazing! You should also check the other sking he made for Durotan which is also awesome!

Wisteria Garden

My fourth pick is from Minkyung. She is a great artist! I fell in love with this garden from the very first moment I have ever seen it!

Adventure Academy

And my final pick from Alan Yeoh’s Adventure Academy. This is very adorable piece and I loved how he handled it! They way that he built the 3D model and the textures are so clean and plus he did it in only 6 days which is also cool!

For the next Artist Picks, I am nominating @rafazanchetin, I am sure he will pick up one of the best models in sketchfab!

Thanks for nominating me, don’t forget to dig those amazing artists’ works.


Hey man this is awesome!!! Thank you for the pick!!! bros bump :facepunch:


sure thing man! your art is awesome!

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Woah! Thanks for the pick. :blush:

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Ooh these are great, I love the wisteria garden by @mykamyu

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Unfortunately @rafazanchetin is unable to take part in Artist Picks this time around, I have asked @ayhankin to nominate another of their chosen artists. Keep your eyes on this feed to find out if they choose you!

Oh thats unfortunate then I nominate @bohc ^ ^ I am sure he is gonna pick some great art works

@ayhankin - I’m not sure if @bohc has received their nomination yet. Still awaiting a reply! but I’ll keep pinging them until I hear back.

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Hey Thanks for nomination! I would love to do this :smiley:


Excellent! Can’t wait to see who you choose! :smile:

For more information, please refer to this forum post:

Have you got your 5 nominations organised @bohc ?? Keen to see them :smile:

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@ayhankin we’ve tried to reach @bohc multiple times but he’s not responding. Could you nominate someone else?


@ayhankin @bohc @bartv

I don’t want to see Artist Picks fade - can we please keep the ball rolling here? This is a great incentive, it would be a shame if it got held up at this early stage.

Please guys - let’s keep artist picks moving along!