Artist Picks: Bocharova


(Bocharova) #1

Hello everyone,

I've been nominated by Slava Zhuravlev to do new Artist Picks. I’m really happy, thanks Slava!

And here are my favorite works on Sketchfab. I have many more, but I needed a top five. And by the way there is no hierarchy, I like them all the same.

Altar of Luck by ayhankin on Sketchfab

Altar of Luck

I really love this Asset. a mystical totem with a beautiful light, cool handpainting texture. And I love the style of fantasy, and it seems to me I'm not alone. If I understood correctly that asset is created for a project. I would like to learn more about it. )

I’m really love this work, great job!

Toast Boy by mnrART on Sketchfab

Hotdog by G.P. on Sketchfab

Hotdog and Toast Boy

Toast and Hotdogs are going together because they have a common theme. I could’t separate them:) I love it when simple things become ensouled. When human faces and everyday things are added, it starts to look very very funny. It recalls the “Adventure Time” with these silly funny faces:)

Keep up the great work!

Firewatch Fan Art by tzeshi on Sketchfab

Firewatch Fan Art

This is amazing. This is example of how to create incredibly beautiful graphically 3d landscapes. The work work really deserves attention and commands respect for tzeshi.

I also wanted to add that I like another one of his work The Iron Giant. I loved this cartoon as a child, and this is a very good picture.

VG remix_Octopus by brenly on Sketchfab

VG remix_Octopus

This is a very fun work. It's is a great idea to create a 3d model from a picture. There are so many actions. And these cute scuba divers make me happy). Aand now on the sketchfab we can load animations! Maybe it's somebody sometimes animates this model to make us more happy:)

Character_01 by JTORREVILLAS art on Sketchfab


Only one of the good works of JTORREVILLAS. I really like that he combines graphic shapes with models. It turns out very beautiful and interesting scene. and this author are working great with choosing a palette for their works.

For the next Artist Picks, I nominate JTORREVILLAS.

I think that’s all! Thanks for nominating me and I hope you can enjoy it!

(Bart) #2

Great job, @apsnu, I really like your selections. Hotdog and Toast Boy made me laugh smile

(Tim Vizesi) #3

Wow! Some excellent picks here! Thanks for also picking my art, you are so kind smile
Love seeing your work on Sketchfab too, it's gorgeous. You have such wonderful modelling and texturing skills. Can't wait to see what else you upload in future! smiley

(Ayhankin) #4

Thanks a lot for picking my art @apsnu ^ ^ I am really happy that you liked it. And the other artworks are awesome too!!!

(Bocharova) #5

@ayhankin @timvizesi Welcome and thank you too:)

(Chaitanyak) #6

love them all! thanks for sharing!