Artist Picks: BoHc


(Yong Chun Quan Shen Fu Shuai Jiao) #1

Hi Guys! I am a 3D artist in Bay Area San SF. Thanks to @ayhankin for this opportunity. And here are my favorite works on Sketchfab.

Demon Vi by maddytaylor

As a fan of League of Legend, Vi is one of my favorite character. This demonic skin made Vi even more badass! This character is so sexy and powerful. Watch out that punch of hellfire!

League of Legends: Demon Vi by maddytaylor on Sketchfab

Ashe by kiister07
Another League of Legend character! Great pose and effects. All the world on one arrow. Well done!

Ashe Polycount Riot Art Contest 2014 by kiister07 on Sketchfab

Sand Glider by acornbringer

I admire the simplicity of this piece. The atmosphere is so good that I can feel the sands on my face! Don't miss other works by acornbringer, lots of cool stuffs!

Sand Glider by acornbringer on Sketchfab

Oboro by cjsholic
You can find lots of Japanese culture blends well in this model katana, samurai, ninja, anime, and maybe a little bit of Zen spirit. This character is elegant, beautiful yet dangerous.

Oboro F Pose01 by cjsholic on Sketchfab

Guy on Buffalo by meshmonkey
I feel relaxed viewing this piece. Don't you wanna ride a buffalo?

Guy on a Buffalo by meshmonkey on Sketchfab

best to view with this as background music:

It's hard for me to pick just five artworks on Sketchfab. There are tons of amazing works and artist around here. Can't wait to see more great piece coming!

(Tim Vizesi) #2

Wow! These picks are fantastic @bohc!

I love to see what inspires talented artists such as yourself - I can see now where you draw your inspiration, and no doubt some of the artists that have drawn inspiration from you too :smile:

Thanks for getting on board and making your selections, there's a few there I had missed.

Can't wait to see who you nominate for the next Artist Pick!

(Acornbringer) #3

Thanks so much for the pick!

These are all really great choices :smile: I love that hand painted business.