Artist Picks: Chaitanya Krishnan (chaitanyak)


(Chaitanyak) #1

Hello sketchfabbers! I'm @chaitanyak and I've been nominated to do Artist Picks by @bartv :smile:
So here are five of my favorite Sketchfab items.

This gorgeous photogrammatry example by @brunopares

Escudella con orejas -Fotogrametría subacuática by Bruno Parés on Sketchfab

I particularly like the addition of the background image with the ruler so you get an idea of scale.. i think thats a very clever thing to have done here, what say @abbyec :smile:

This epic tribute to Pink Floyd - Dark side of the moon by @soulmarine

Pink Floyd Prism 3D by soulmarine on Sketchfab

It's a classic example of what can be achieved with simple geometry as long as you put in some work on the textures and composition.

@quenting created this epic human scan using frames from a gif!! very creative :smile: and an excellent use of sketchfab, and a wonderful example of user inginuity :)sunglasses:

Visible Human Project - Lowdef 3D Reconstruction by QuentinG on Sketchfab

This stunning mathematical curve by @metrowind these type of models are a rarity on sketchfab, but every bit awe inspiring.

Lorentz Attractor by metrowind on Sketchfab

..and finally, this list would be incomplete without @renatoaruffo 's metal studies, and actually the whole tutorial at

Tutorial - PBR and Metals Technics by Renato Aruffo on Sketchfab

This tutorial was one of the things that got me to switch a lot of my own old models over to the PBR system. They're a must see for all new Sketchfabbers.

For the next #artist-picks I'd like to nominate @brunopares

(Tim Vizesi) #2

great that you chose to take a photogrammetry route with your choice @chaitanyak
wonderful picks!

(Chaitanyak) #3

Thanks @timvizesi
While the effort involved in photogrammetry may not always seem as "artistic" as traditional modelling or sculpting..I feel it requires the same kind of skills and talent as serious photography 😃