Artist Picks: Christoph Schoch


(theStoff) #1

Hey guys! So I was nominated to do some artist's picks by @chaitanyak. Here's my List (note there's no order here. They're all good :smile:) :

Orc Ambush by Mafubash on Sketchfab

This scene really stood out to me because you don't see a lot of heavy action scenes around. It's neat to rotate around this moment in time.

Monty Python tribute by graft on Sketchfab

This is a great Monty Python rendition. Gets a nice little story across and sums up that scene very well.

Patch of Heaven - Summer Forest by FredericDegraeve on Sketchfab

I really liked the mood of his one. Came across very serene. Nice and pleasant to look at.

Batman : The Animated series intro scene. by CGHow on Sketchfab

This one was a nice use grain effects to support the mood. I felt the graphic style stood out to me.

Dr Robotniks Modern Art by sorasabi on Sketchfab

Nice use of some simple dark humor here. I've really been enjoying voxel art lately and this one caught my eye.

(Bart) #2

Awesome selection Christoph!

(theStoff) #3

Thanks! We have some good artist's here :smile:

(Tim Vizesi) #4

nice picks @christophs :smile:

(theStoff) #5

Thanks! I think so too. :smile: