Artist Picks: constructidecepticon


(Constructidecepticon) #1

Artist picks from Constructidecepticon (in 3rd person, I know ...)

First of all, thanks for having me and including one of my pieces in your pics. Very honored.

I managed to squeeze the numbers to five with lots of doubts and changes. Without further ado

1 swamp location by bocharova

Easily my favorite environment piece out there. Aside of being a fan of old school handpainted stuff, it show to the future artists that with a well balanced palette of colors a very minimal and solid geometry you can create one of the most attractive game environment.

swamp location by bocharova on Sketchfab

2 Steampunk ironman by Tommy Gunardi Teguh

It have it all. Really nice model, well thought materials, nice textures and lighting. Lots of character.

Steampunk Ironman by Tommy Gunardi Teguh on Sketchfab

3 Pony Cartoon by Slava Zhuravlev

This is probably the best use of pbr materials I saw in Sketchfab until today. And is more than one year old here. Aside, cute-to-die model, chibi style, perfect lighting. Aside 2, any one of the pieces from Slava Z. is a master piece in one aspect or another.

Pony Cartoon by Slava Zhuravlev on Sketchfab

4 Le Boeuf by LaryKummer
Simple , to the point of brutal. Well crafted and well displayed. La Maison Ambulante was the second close call

Le Boeuf by LaryKummer on Sketchfab

5 Goblin Elf

Complete next next (2) character with all the bells and whistles available . Beautiful.

Goblin Elf by aimanarts on Sketchfab

Those are my 5 cents. Hasta la vista....

BTW, I nominate Slava Zhuravlev to pick some top notch artists


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(Bart) #2

Thanks @constructidecepticon, that was great! I've moved it into its own topic.

Also, who do you nominate for the next Artist Picks?

(Constructidecepticon) #3

I nominate Slava Zhuravlev to pick some top notch artists. It is allowed to nominated more than one? If so I also nominate Bocharova smile

(Bart) #4

Let's just nominate one to prevent the Artist Picks from blowing up smile

(Constructidecepticon) #5

Slava Zhuravlev then

(Nataliak) #6

Great picks!

I love the Steampunk Ironman too....that's why he's on our new flier! wink

(Tim Vizesi) #7

Great picks @constructidecepticon ! Some of my faves in here too, and also some I may have missed along the way. Thanks for sharing them smile