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Artist Picks: Csaba Baity (tsabszy)


(Tsabszy) #1

Hello everyone,

I am Csaba Baity and I've been nominated to do Artist Picks by Antonio Neves :smile:
Since there have been many artists already picked by others, I also love I will try to chose some new. So here are five of my favorite Sketchfab items. The order I present them doesn't matter as I love all of them for different reasons :wink:

Here's this stellar work from @frame_first Volodya Lyubchuk
I love this work of his because of the flawless fur texture he made! And as all his works this also has a softness and cool color variatons!

Toothed tiger by frame_first on Sketchfab

This one from @Slava Z. Yet again, awesome texture work, but the nice and readable, clean design and fun animation is the icing on the cake :smile: Check his other works out as well, you won't be disappointed! Slava Z

Mech Constructor: The Beetle (Animated) by Slava Z. on Sketchfab

I know @Dmitry Grebenkov has already been here but I couldn't resist. He knows what's important when you create characters! Besides proportions, details and colors... of course Personality and it comes most of all from the eyes.
Dimitry Grebenkov

Steampunk Girl by Dmitry Grebenkov on Sketchfab

I could show hundreds of flat shaded models with awesome hand painting works, but let's show some models with cool presentation and some post effects, like this one from @Comrade1280
His Sketchfab profile

Jaguar XJ220 1991 by Comrade1280 [iArtDrive Team] on Sketchfab

The presentation is simple and clean, also very moody here on this piece from @N8
His other works this way

Death Star II by N8 on Sketchfab

These are just a few of the hundreds of stellar works up on Sketchfab! It was really tough to choose only five.
Thank you for the chance @antonio_jn!!
For the next I would like to nominate @lungjaw (Clayton Chod) :smile:

(Antonio Jn) #2

great picks!

(Tim Vizesi) #3

really nice choices @tsabszy .
some I hadnt seen yet!