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Artist Picks: Dmitry Grebenkov


(Kody3d) #1

Hey guys!
I have been nominated by Tim Vizesi for this very interesting idea of Artist Picks. I decided not to include artist to whom i will just link every model and comment it like "AAAAAAA!!!!!! THAT IS SO GREAT!!!!" So i was trying to keep things bit more interesting.
Here is my list.

Negative Energy by tzeshi on Sketchfab

This model is very simple in therms of geometry and very graphical. It looks like a stylish 2d illustration that you can rotate! Very cool feeling!

Lara Croft by Qarlos on Sketchfab

Love this version of Lara! As a fan of a Lara Croft games and a big fan of lowpoly stylized models this one is an amazing example of how fanarts should look. Such a perfect mix! Great emotion. Great inspiration.

The Fixomancer by Rocketeer on Sketchfab

I'm a fan of steampunk style and of this model. I remember seeing this one quite some time ago and it was very amazing for me how with such a low this count and defuse all the fabric was shown and the stylization of texture make an awesome result that i will always remember. Very unique model. And i was so happy when i was finally able to see this one in realime 3d smiley

Wuthering Heights by Luki on Sketchfab

Love this model. The mood of it is somehow very nice i it would be very interesting to see the whole world where this character live in. Very inspiring model for me.

Head Expressions by Phil McClenaghan on Sketchfab

As a person obsessed with topology this is a very good example of low polycount and the whide range of emotions that can be achieved. Very useful.

Ice Ice Baby by Luki on Sketchfab

Awesome style! It will be so fun to do something in this approach.

That's it from me guys smile Hope you found my picks interesting. There is so many models on sketchfub that worth your attention so i hope that this thread will grow.


Introducing.... Artist Picks
Artist Picks: Rocketeer
(Tim Vizesi) #2

Lovin' your Artist Picks @kody3d! Some of these are really high on my favourite list too. I found it interesting to read your comments too - it seems like you like them for a lot of the same reasons as I do.

Can't wait to see who you have nominated and their picks!

(Bart) #3

Thanks @kody3d that was great! Such fun to see how you pick such different models smile

I've moved it into a new thread - I think it's better to start a new one for each Artist Picks as pages tend to get very slow if they contain many embeds.

Looking forward to the next one!

(Kody3d) #4

And as nominated people - i think it will be fun if it will be the guys from the list.
@qarlos @rocketeer @luki @katharii Guys, your turn smiley
will send the notes

(Katharii) #5

Thank you so much for the pick @kody3d! As requested, I did my own picks:

(Bart) #6

Hey folks!

I just posted a quick message about the Artist Picks here on the forum, it might make it easier for new participants. The main thing I changed is that we should always nominate just one person - nominating all five featured artists would lead to exponential growth wink

For the next Artist Picks, I've invited @constructidecepticon.