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Artist Picks: Duy Khanh Nguyen


(Leoduycg) #1

Hi. I'm Duy Nguyen. I love doing art and now I'm a Associate 3D artist at Riot Games. Currently I'm trying to get better at traditional skill as well as texturing for video game. Thank @ybourykina for the nomination, I'm very appreciated. It's really hard to pick out 5 artist for there are so many awesome works so I'm looking for not only awesome artwork but also the potential the artists have.

@Antonio Neves is one of many Artists I look up during my study. When I saw his texture works, I amazed by his way of interpretation, very unique and stylized. Medieval Brewery is one of my favorite because of the simplisity color and composition.

Medieval Brewery by Antonio Neves on Sketchfab

Although has been in the industry for a while, @omonteom just start publishing his works recently. Diana is a stunning work. I particularly like how he handle the face. Also the temperature is very well done and create a harmonizing color comp. His presentation is also excellent that make Dina look like a statue with the pedestal.

Diana by omonteon on Sketchfab

I talked to @Mona Snoog not too long ago and surprised that she is such a humble artist. Thing I like most is the progression shows in her Portfolio. Championship Shyvana is very well done and shows the next level of quality that she archives. Can't wait for more of her works.

Championship Shyvana -FanArt by Mona Skoog on Sketchfab

If there are an cool artist to hang out and help me to improve, he is @codybunt. he is a young professional with the great attitude. Dragon Trainer Tristana is an awesome skin idea and be translated to 3D really well by him. Tristana's face and the dragon scale is my favorite.

Dragon Trainer Tristana by codybunt on Sketchfab

@Lungjaw is an Environment Artist I just recently know and amazed by his texture works. His care of details is outstanding on all his work. Soulwell is so awesome with all the materials that be depicted. The metal few really good with hue shift also the Soul Stone makes a clear focal point with fire around.

Soulwell by lungjaw on Sketchfab

It's really hard to choose because all these artists is awesome but I would like to see @Anonio Neves choice for next topic. So I nominate him.

(Bart) #2

Thanks for picking such an awesome selection Duy! I've pinged all the featured artists to let them know they're on your list :smile:

(Bart) #3

@leoduycg I didn't get a response from Antonio. Would you care to nominate someone else?

(Mona Skoog) #4

Great Picks! feel honored to be among them :blush: I dont know how that happend, but im super happy. I have been looking at Duys work when trying to improve my texturing, even tho he is one of the newer artists at Riot he has quickly become one of my favorite. his work with materials and colors is amazing.

(Bart) #5

Hey Mona,

I'm looking for another nominee for our next Artist Picks round - would you be interested? Here's more info:

Cheers :smile:

(Antonio Jn) #6

Ohh hi everyone, sorry late reply, I did not notice this, a friend told me about and I came to see! Hey @leoduycg Thanks for picking me, I like very much your work as well, I've been watching you since polycount riot challenge. :smile: