Artist Picks: Emilie Stabell


(Emiliestabell) #1

I'm thankful for having been nominated to do an Artist Picks! Hopefully you will find my top 5 interesting and will be inspired by the models :smile: Here they are, in no particular order :slight_smile:

Dudbear by Nate on Sketchfab

I love the charm and appeal in this model by Nate. The attention to detail is superb and the design is lovely! Who could resist those cute eyes? :slight_smile:

Vi lol by Gilberto Magno on Sketchfab

I'm a sucker for LOL fan art, so this HAS to be one of my all time favourite models here on Sketchfab. It has all the elements I like about a good model all the way from great texturing and shading, to a great design and a simple colour pallette :smile:

Firewatch Fan Art by tzeshi on Sketchfab

Everything Tzeshi does is amazing. His work is creative, stylized, colourful and displays great skill in getting a flat cartoony style to come across as volumetric and interesting. He also does a great job at storytelling which is something I believe we easily forget in our 3D art these days.

Taka House by Hannes Delbeke on Sketchfab

Lovely texturing and colours here by Hannes. This model often reminds me how less is more and how simplicity goes a long way :wink:

Whale shark by pipclank on Sketchfab

Last but not least, a super cute little whaleshark by Pipclank :smile: I love the simply texture and the patterns on the back :3

(Chaitanyak) #2

excellent picks @emiliestabell !
hadnt seen Dudbear or the shark before!

(Nomadking) #3

Great picks @emiliestabell - the material work on the Dudbear is amazing!