Artist Picks - how does it work?


(Bart) #1

You may have seen some Artist Picks appear here on the forum. It's a really cool initiative where Sketchfab community members list some of their favorite work, talk about it and then pass on the honor to the next person.

The general idea is to:

  • Select 5 of your favorite Sketchfab models
  • Create a new forum topic and a few lines about each of them: why did thoe model inspire you, how did it help you become a better artist etc.
  • Leave a comment with each of these models with a link to your forum post so the artists are aware they've been featured (they might miss it otherwise!).
  • Nominate one of the featured artists for the next Artist Picks to keep the project rolling. Please don't nominate more than one as that could make this project get out of hand :smile:
  • If you nominee doesn't respond or can't participate, please select another one.

Here's an overview of the Artist Picks posts so far.

What do you think?


Artist Picks: Dmitry Grebenkov
Artist Picks: Duy Khanh Nguyen
Artist Picks: Katharii
Artist Picks: Rocketeer
Artist Picks : Ayhankin
(Tim Vizesi) #2

Loving this idea so much @bartv !

(Tim Vizesi) #3

Also guys, so I can keep track of who has done an Artist Pick - make sure you name your forum post using the following naming convention:

"Artist Picks: [Sketchfab Forum Username]"

and remember to tag your post with "artist-picks".

Looks like everyone is doing this so far, which is great!

Some people have been taking it upon themselves to comment on each artists model page and refer them to the forum. If you want to do this too - that's great, but don't stress - as I will make sure they are advised.

Many, many thanks for keeping this idea afloat guys. It's such a superb way to see which artists inspire your favourites!