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Artist Picks: Igor Puškarić


(Iggy Design) #1

Thank you for the nomination @saphires! Glad to do this,I hope you injoy them... Here are my artist picks , in no particular order,as they all are special in their own unique way.

Friends Forever - Portal 2 by NomadKing on Sketchfab

I am a Portal fan... This model by @NomadKing took me all the way. The colors,lighting,the composition and suggested movement is done marvelously.
And all that in a charming pixelated expression. Dedication and details, the way fan art should be done.

spider-like by feddark on Sketchfab

Alien biology at its finest,with a visually present rule of cool. An awesome design by @feddark , hitting all the spots if you are in love with original organic looking stuff. One might say, insects meets alien style.

SF MK3 Tank by GrafxBOX on Sketchfab

This guy. @GrafxBOX always manages to surprise me. His gallery is full of fantastic SciFi expression in a variety of top notch models. On this model i love the design,lighting,composition,texturing and this constant action shot ,frozen in time.

SnaiLamp by Oleg_Scolt on Sketchfab

This is something that caught my eye and my brain,done by @Oleg_Scolt. I love the effort of originality that came into this non standard portrait of a snail. The industry revolution appearance of this lamp household object is sweet and well detailed. Something that an alternate Sherlock Holmes world might have in it.

Octopus by meatmaker on Sketchfab

This cute thingy by @meatmaker is simply charming over 9000 and relaxes me.
Represents an artistic madness in the most creative way. It is playful and child like.
Something important to have,but people often tend to forget as they grow up.

(Nomadking) #2

Thanks for picking one of my pieces @iggy_design, and for some of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my work :wink:

Some great picks here - the SnaiLamp is very impressive!

(Tim Vizesi) #3

really great choices @iggy_design

(Iggy Design) #4

Thank you ! I am quite happy to have good artists around to inspire from. :smile: