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Hi guys!

I've been recently nominated to do an Artist Picks by the supremely talented Dmitry Grebenkov. Firstly, thank you Dmitry, I'm hugely honoured to have one of my models mentioned!

With over 300 likes (and counting), it was pretty hard to come up with a shortlist as you can imagine! But I managed to get it down to just 6 that I thought stood head and shoulders above the rest. Here are my picks:

Cleo Sketchfab by sati hartigan on Sketchfab

This model by sati hartigan has it all really. Great topology, beautiful texture and, most importantly, buckets of character from the pose and overall style.

Holdeen's Max by Gilberto Magno on Sketchfab

I'm totally blown away by this model by Gilberto Magno. Exquisite sculpting and material work. The level of detail is just insane. One of those models you could just study for hours!

Taka House by Hannes Delbeke on Sketchfab

The painting skill on this model by Hannes Delbeke is just fantastic. Beautiful vibrant colour make this a feast for the eyes.

Steam Knight by Lugen on Sketchfab

I absolutely love this model by Lugen. Awesome style, lovely topology and a superbly painted texture. One of those models you get jealous just looking at!

VGRemix - Dark Souls: New Leaf by Ian McConville on Sketchfab

I really adore this model by Ian McConville. Bags of character, bold colour and light and a stunning low res texture to boot. Masterful!

Advance Wars: VG Remix by klamp on Sketchfab

I smile every time I see this model by klamp. I'm a total sucker for low poly and low res texture work and this model is a perfect example of both!

Quick shout out to BitGem whos work is just fantastic, but has so many awesome models I couldn't choose only one!

Thank you for the inspirational work @satihartigan, @gilbertomagno, @han, @lugen, @polygoncherub and @klamp, now lets see your picks!

Artist Picks: Dmitry Grebenkov
(Bart) #2

Thanks @katharii that was great! Advance Wars sure brings back memories - I played that for weeks smile

Oh, I also updated the layout of your post.

(Katharii) #3

Thanks @bartv! I just pasted the BBcode from the embed button on each model's page, but it didn't seem to work. What did I do wrong?

(Bart) #4

Our forum doesn't work with bbcodes. Just put the full Sketchfab url for a model on a single line and it will automatically expand. Like this:

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Ah I see. In the box where you post it says:

Type here. Use Markdown, BBCode, or HTML to format. Drag or paste and image to upload it.

(Bart) #6

Ah you're right. Well it seems to support basic bbcode, just not the [sketchfab] tags smile

(Tim Vizesi) #7

It's fantastic to see these Artist Picks streaming through! Great to see a few that I may have missed, my likes list is growing more and more each day.

Great inspiration for those who are consistently getting picked to keep uploading quality models smile
I'm sure there's a few proud members rolling around the forums.

Thanks for sharing @katharii!

(Katharii) #8

You're welcome! smile

(Kody3d) #9

Awesome Picks!
Thanks for sharing Steam Knight - haven't seen it! Awesome model and style!

(Bart) #10

Hey folks!

I just posted a quick message about the Artist Picks here on the forum, it might make it easier for new participants. The main thing I changed is that we should always nominate just one person - nominating all five featured artists would lead to exponential growth wink

For the next Artist Picks, I've invited @constructidecepticon.

(Constructidecepticon) #11

Already updated my picks but at rocketer's post apparently .