Artist Picks: Mestaty


(Mestaty) #1

Hi everyone,

I'm Sylvain Bernard I am a freelance 3D modeler also known as @Mestaty. @acornbringer was kind enough to pick the model i am the proudest of : the new version of Raceship. Thx to him and @bart i was nominated to do my artist pick.

Scifi Girl by @patrix

I love this model because of the great design and the simplicity (while being very technical) of the model. Nothing is « too much » everything is well balanced and the final result is great. The face look really realistic, the hair looks great I personally love the design of the dress and the work on the specular color (reflection) and the little « fur » touch give this model a great look.
@patrix has a great portfolio, I love his minecraft environment.

Scifi Girl by patrix on Sketchfab

Cyrus Bust by @hellstern

The topology of the model is already awesome but the hand painted texture make it look outstanding. The color palette goes perfectly with the model's theme. The artistic and the technical aspect of the paint are both perfect in my opinion.
I encourage you to go check the Leona model on the portfolio.

Cyrus Bust by hellstern on Sketchfab

Terminusoid by @trzykropek

A Simple but very well designed environment, the mood is so awesome. It remind me somehow Shadow of the colossus. Technically the painting is great, the color are great and the visual effect add a nice touch. Go check his portfolio, it's full of great environment. I just love his work.

Terminusoid by trzykropek on Sketchfab

Dragon's Crown Sorceress by @tjam

A great model inspired by a great video game. The artwork is quite hard to put in space but @tjam do a great work doing it. The character doesn't look strange from any angle, a problem I often see on “manga” 3D model. Once again the texture and the final result are awesome. Go check this portfolio for other great models.

Dragon's Crown Sorceress by tjam on Sketchfab

Castanic by @ybourykina

An other hand painted model, I can't seem to resist this kind of work. The design is awesome, I love the color choices and the contrast between the almost surreal white skin and the vibrant color of the armor and suit. I can't add much to this. Go check her work and her patreon (I just dicovered).

Castanic by ybourykina on Sketchfab

As it's quite hard just to pick 5 models i'd like to name some artists I haven't put in the list but wanted to. So greeting to Gilberto Magno, brenly, Kmiklas and pencilmistake. People you're awesome artists.

For the next Artist Picks, I nominate @ybourykina

(Yekaterina Bourykina) #2

Thank you so much for the nomination and the kind words <3
This is going to be hard just to pick 5!