Artist Picks: Phil Gosch


(Saphires) #1

Thanks a lot for the nomination @christophs! Glad I can do an Artist Pick, of course my list is in no particular order:

Drone V2 Red Manga by iggy-design on Sketchfab

This is just one example of the awesome spaceship designs from iggy-design. They really stand out to me because of the smooth flowing forms and vibrant colors. :smile:

Highland cow by flumba on Sketchfab

I love this one, don't you just want to hug this adorable highland-cow? :smiley: Also great work on colors and textures!

Patch of Heaven - The White Tree by olmopotums on Sketchfab

This one is really special, it's simple yet stands out among all the other models. Great mystical feeling, you start to wonder where you can find this tree and how the magical forest/lake around it looks.

DeathWing PBR by JER3D on Sketchfab

Oh well, I'm a sucker for badass dragons and this one is very detailed and animated too! Nothing to add here, great work! :wink:

Fantasy Game Inn by pepedrago on Sketchfab

And last but not least I choose this inn scene because it is really well executed and I could totally see this in some rpg game. I can already see all the NPCs with invaluable information for me hanging around in this area and I totally want to know what's upstairs or downstairs. :smile:

(Bart) #2

Great selection @saphires! I enjoyed reading that.

(Nomadking) #3

Great set of picks here @saphires

(theStoff) #4

Good choices @saphires! I feel I was right to nominate you :smile:

(Tim Vizesi) #5

great picks @saphires