Artist Picks: Slava Zhuravlev


(Slava Zhuravlev) #1

Hey guys!

I've been nominated by constructidecepticon to do Artist Picks. Thanks, Ricardo! Very honored to have one of my works picked by an artist I respect so much.

So, here are my favourites here on Sketchfab. It's really hard to tell what in particular makes me love them so much, everything is beautiful in those pieces.
I'm a great fan of old school hand-painted models (played too much Warcraft, yeah), that's why I'll start with them:

Skeleton King by BitGem on Sketchfab

No wonder Bitgem model is a first one. The models these guys are producing are so great, that I could fill the whole post just with them. Especially with their lovely cartoony characters (can't wait to see them animated here on Sketchfab). It was really hard to to pick just one.
This awesome skeleton, as I understand, was made along with Volodya Lyubchuk. It's fantastic how he put so much life and detail into such a lowpoly model.

Strongman by JGfab on Sketchfab

Amazing character, very memorable. Love the style and proportions. But one thing I like the most is how the light and render were set up. Just try to switch to the shadeless mode and you'll see.

Sands Location by bocharova on Sketchfab

Evgeniya Bocharova was already mentioned on artist picks, but I just couldn't pass by. Everything is beautiful here.

Toon houses day version by luyssport on Sketchfab

This work by Luyssport really stands out. Very unusual style, looks almost like a pencil drawing. I've never seen anything like this before. Apart from that, It's really an amazing scene, has so much mood.

Wakfu Fanart - Female IOP by Claudio Matsumoto on Sketchfab

One of the recently posted models, became my favourite from the first sight. Love the girl, so cute. Smooth and cartoony, yet full of subtle details.

Another Girl by olivierc on Sketchfab

One of many lovely sculpts, made by Olivier Couston. Has even more character than the original sketch. Can't wait to see more of his models on Sketchfab.

DL: Trap Car by KMiklas on Sketchfab

You can zoom in thousand times closer, still more and more tiny details will show up. Amazing model and texture work by Karol Miklas!

That's It from me. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed these works the same as I did.
I'd like to nominate Karol Miklas to pick his favourites.


Artist Picks: Bocharova
(Bart) #2

@slava I talked to @karolmiklas and unfortunately his busy schedule doesn't allow him to post a new Artist Picks this time. Would you like to select another nominee? Let me know and I'll contact him or her!


(Slava Zhuravlev) #3

Hi, Bart!
It would be great to see Evgeniya Bocharova's picks then.
Was caught for an hour checking her liked models - so many great ones I've missed!

(Bart) #4

Brilliant, thanks! I'll ask her wink