Artist Picks: Timofey Razboynikov (meatmaker)


(Meatmaker) #1

Hi everyone,

My name is Timofey Razboynikov and I've been working with 3d for some time.
I like this art picking initiative, and I would like to thank @iggy_design for featuring my model and @bartv for staff picking it in the first place. Such support from the scetchfab community along with likes and discussions really means much for me as I'm not used to share my personal models :smile:
Now I guess it's my turn to pick some great works. There isn't any particular order in my list as all these pieces are unique in it's own way. So let's begin and please sorry for my bad english :sweat_smile:

Lara Croft by Juan Manuel Pachón Maya on Sketchfab

I'll begin with a great model by Juan Manuel Pachón Maya
I remember playing classic Tomb Raider games as I was about 10 years old. And I remember I wished the graphics in these games would be as detailed as on CD cover arts and game wallpapers with Lara. I guess that time has finally came xD
I absolutely love the dynamics here. The modelling is outstanding too.

Statue Of Demon And woman by Defenders of Naxia on Sketchfab

This model by @Defenders of Naxia left me breathless recently. Everything is so well done here ranging from composition and topology to nice little details like sparks and lava cracks. Oh, and these rocks became a great reference for me as I was stuck trying to make something like this for my next piece here.

room by fleewortep on Sketchfab

Details, detatils, details xD
I've spent quite a lot of time finding all easter eggs and little things in this room. Also I love the nostalgic feel there and the overal way this model is put together. Thanks, @fleewortep!

Big Hero Six Fan Art - 'Big Hero Max' by JCulley3D on Sketchfab

@JCulley3D, I like all of your works but this one immediately got it's way to my personal hall of fame as I'm a Big Hero Six fan too. Well, this is true for most of Disney/Pixar movies :smile:
I really like the lighting here along with outstanding and true to the film model of Baymax

Stitch: Spartan 626 by Adam Flores on Sketchfab

Another cute disney character comes from @Adam Flores.
I wasn't a fan of Stitch back in the day but this crossover with Halo nailed it for me. I just love how naturally master chief's armor fits him! xD

It was a tough task to pick only five from a huuuuge amount of my favourite models here. I believe the list came out a little nostalgic as I was trying to include some personal feelings and not only the technical aspect. Hope you guys are okay with it and thank you for reading.

(Nomadking) #2

Great picks @meatmaker - I love the 'Statue of Demon and Woman', as you said, the composition and pose are breathtaking! :smile:

(Bart) #3

Fantastic, those are great picks! Who will you nominate for the next round?

(Meatmaker) #4

Hey, Bart! I'm working on it :smile:
I've just sent the first invitation and now waiting for the reply.

(Jamesculley) #5

Hey @meatmaker Thanks for the invite, and thanks for highlighting my Baymax scene :smile: I accept and will get to it as soon as I can!

(Chaitanyak) #6

great picks @meatmaker !