Artist Picks: YBourykina


(Yekaterina Bourykina) #1

Hey! I am Yekaterina Bourykina, I'm currently focused on personal work through Patreon as well as mentoring! Thank you so much @Mestaty for my nomination :smile:
There is so much awesome work here, it was super hard to pick just 5!

My inner sailor scout is very pleased with this Lux/Sailor Moon crossover! When @maddytaylor posted this I logged on and bought the character just so I could get this skin. Super awesome job on the design (@zeronis) and render, love the simplicity of costume and the "Cardcaptors" inspired wand!

Star Guardian Lux by maddytaylor on Sketchfab

@gilbertomagno is an awesome artist, I always enjoy being able to see his work from start to finish. This is a really well done model with a lot of clean mechanical detail that not everyone has the patience to pull off so well. Great job on her!

Vi lol by Gilberto Magno on Sketchfab

I had the privilege of working with @calvinb back on WoW and he is an amazing artist, I love his painting style. Kudos to Rob Sevilla for the design, and great job on the execution Calvin, always love the way you render your materials :smiley:

Rob Bust by Calvin on Sketchfab

Even though I am a terrible Kindred player, the skin that @leoduycg did is stunning. The design is very readable and the detail and gradations are so well done that I can't help but admire them. Great job on the skin and golds, love the cool bounces of light from the environment as well, really brings the character to life :smile:

Shadow Fire Kindred by Duy Khanh Nguyen on Sketchfab

I know this was shared on @mestaty 's picks as well, but I have always loved @hellstern 's Cyrus bust. The harmonized golds and greens flow together perfectly and the subtleness of texture in the cloth are just so beautifully done.

Cyrus Bust by hellstern on Sketchfab

All of these artists are amazing and it was a really hard choice but I would like to nominate @leoduycg ! Can't wait to see who you choose!