(Jtorrevillas) #1

Hi! I was nominated by bocharova to do a new Artist Picks post. It is an honor to be nominated by such an amazing 3D artist. Thank you so much, bocharova!

And here are my favorite works on Sketchfab. If I could pick my favorites I could have selected hundreds because there is definitely tons of quality works here on Sketchfab but I will only pick five. This is in no order.

3D fanart Noel From Sora no Method by XkungWork on Sketchfab

3D fanart Noel From Sora no Method is one of the first models I saw here on Sketchfab that used toon texture, In every angle the model couldn't go wrong, it just looks like a 2D drawn illustration, it is amazing!

FUNAHAUS Team by E.M. Engel on Sketchfab

The FUNAHAUS TEAM is a work that inspired me recently, I think it goes down to the core of character design, but I love how in 3D, the characteristics of each team member is greatly expressed.

My Neighbour Totoro by tzeshi on Sketchfab

The work "My Neighbour Totoro" is definitely a work I admire, It is very minimal but conveys the scene from the film, really great and inspiring work.

Japanese Mountain scene by haniissa on Sketchfab

Japanese Mountain Scene is minimal work it was executed in a very unique way, it is really impressive.

Monument Forge Diorama by ayhankin on Sketchfab

Monument Forge Diorama is a work that left me speechless and just navigating the model. The work is an amazing example on how to use painted textures. I also love that the work displayed its fullest amazing aesthetic or mood using the painted texture.

I would like to nominate ayhankin for the next artist picks!

I hope you enjoyed the list! Good day smile

(Tim Vizesi) #2

Great stuff @jtorrevillas and quick as lightning too! Thanks for your Artist Picks, there are some superb pieces in there. Thanks for the mention of my Totoro! blush

(Haniissa) #3

@jtorrevillas I'm so honored to get picked by an amazing artist like you , also next to 4 amazing art pieces that personally i've learned a lot from smiley .
Also congratulation to @emengel , @timvizesi , @xkungwork , @ayhankin , you guys really deserve it blush

(Ayhankin) #4

All the art works that you choose are great and thanks a lot for picking my art and nominating me ^ ^ I will do my best.