Artlantis - sketchfab


(Rdconcept) #1


can you give me information about setting up files in sketechfab since Artlantis?

How to make textures and materials directly on the 3D file in sketchfab?

Thank you in advance

(Chaitanyak) #2

were you able to figure it out?

(Rdconcept) #3


No it did not help me because you do not offer the format Artlantis, more export OBJ format does not allow to integrate materials and textures.

(Brunito) #4

Hello I’m having problems implementing textures to an artlantis obj file, I have zip the file & all textures where linked but in the viewer the textures still refuse to show up, even though they are linked… any ideas… is my artlantis too old, its from 2013 not the latest.